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‘Daydreaming about riding a pony’

Joe Biden may have been daydreaming about “riding a pony at a country fair” during the US president’s latest gaffe involving his fists at the CNN town hall, according to Sky News host Rita Panahi.

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  1. Do You remember when You’d be at Your Grandparents House, and a Fuse would

    blow, and instead of putting in a new Fuse….They’d stick a Penny behind the

    old one to make it work a bit longer….That’s Joe.

  2. Bobcat, they didn’t have many outlets back then – had to string together sparky old adapter plugs and if you turned on too many things at once BZZT there goes the fuse.

  3. I thought of the “Chicken Dance” with Heels-Up.
    Maybe she’s on meth. She’s got that whole body twitch going on.

  4. That was not another Biden “gaffe” as the press wants you to believe. It is the wheels coming off of an out of control car on a mountain road being driven by a husk of a man that a bunch of elder abusers have put behind the wheel. Biden is a big shit sandwich that we are all being forced to eat.

  5. kcir – no, eng dealing with just about everything from DC to light, audio, RF, fiber optics, industrial electrical systems and power generation.

  6. “Who’s got change?”
    Joe ran down!”
    “Somebody’s gotta go back and get a shitload of dimes!”

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