De Blasio threatens NYC museums and cultural institutions over “diversity”

deblasio  and sharpton

The Bigger the Government, the smaller the citizen:

ProteinWisdom: The city is grilling museums and cultural institutions about the racial and ethnic diversity of their entire staffs — and if they don’t answer, they’ll be cut off from taxpayer cash.

Nearly 1,000 organizations were asked to fill out a survey this summer detailing the race, gender and disability status of their employees and board members. “As long as you complete the survey, you will be eligible to apply for funding from [the city] in fiscal year 2017,” institutions were told in a July 20 letter from Tom Finkelpearl, commissioner of the Department of Cultural Affairs.

[…] In addition to providing the workforce information, the cultural groups had to answer a questionnaire with up to 48 questions — including “How does your organization engage with issues of diversity on a daily basis?” and “What forms of diversity do you think are important for strengthening the quality of work of your organization?”


14 Comments on De Blasio threatens NYC museums and cultural institutions over “diversity”

  1. Diversity doesn’t strengthen. From what I have experienced, it destroys everything around. It stifles freedom of thought, expression, and creativity. Cohesion and working toward a common goal aren’t possible when diversity IS your only goal.

  2. If we can’t build a wall along the Mexican border, can we at least build one around NYC? With jamming to keep electronic signals from leaking out.

  3. I guess the goal is to turn museums into the DMV and have high school dropouts, McDonalds rejects and non-English speakers telling us not to touch stuff.

  4. In a sense, this sets a great precedent for the Right in the future:

    the Left just sorta kinda unilaterally decided that “diversity” is the litmus test for things, without any sound basis.

    SO: when the time is right, the Right just flips the table and unilaterally decides that “American Culture and Values” is the litmus test instead…

    “American Culture and Values” doesn’t condemn the innocent to death, HENCE: defund Planned Parenthood…if not shut it down.

    “American Culture and Values” avoids the whole “you’re forcing your religion on me” angle. Death to the Left.

  5. Just fill out the forms with bullshit. All that “diversity” bullshit is just bullshit, so return bullshit for bullshit. Nobody’s gonna check – they’re too fucking lazy.

  6. I feel sorry, kinda, for the good people of NYC.
    It’s getting more and more difficult to understand why they stay, guys, you got the money, move.

  7. diversity : like jesse Jackson’s rainbow coalition. every time I hear that group mentioned I think of the Paul Simon song “In My Little Town” with the line ” after the rain there’s a rainbow and all of the colors are black….”

    if a minority group is diverse why do whites have to pretend to be black to get in them?

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