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Dear CNN

Please get rid of Rand, Chris, Carly, Mike, and Marco.

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NewsMachete– First, I want to let you know I am one of your biggest fans. You produce quality programming, which explains why you are #1 in viewership not just in airports, but also dentist offices, county jails, and mental hospitals across Amercia. I think the concept of having Anderson Cooper for three hours (one of them a repeat) from 8 pm to midnight every weekday night is brilliant, he’s like a human Yule Log that you can keep watching and watching and watching. Anderson is like human Ambien, he helps millions of people fall asleep every night. Compared to him, even Jeb Bush is an amphetamine.  more

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  1. Reenee Pusiebus is worried about the moderators in tomow=rrows nights deblate.. He hopes for a few Candy Crowley’s to control the Donald. Trump is occupying all their minds. Only me, Rush, Mark,Mark, and Sean, like the Trump. Just listen to these assholes. Not a positive word from any one of them.
    Not FOX, O Billey, Kelly, and the other snotnoses. Man I hope he kicks ass and gains another 10 points.

  2. Here come the CUNTS:
    Bill Kristol The Weekly Standard. I won’t back Trump

    Pataki, ex NY Gov. I won’t back Trump

    Rosie O’Donnell. The fat Lady. I won’t back Trump

    National Review. We don’ like Trump.

    Bill O’Reilly (Mr.Parole) “He’ll never make it.”

    Brit Hume. I agree.

    And on and on, and on..

  3. Well, fuck Rosie o’Dumplings, Partaker, O’Reviled, Brit Humus, Billy Ballz, and the rest of the self-worshipping media mudheads.,Let Americans decide for themselves whether or not Trump is a clown or not.

    Ignore the glamourattzi.

  4. I’m glad my dentist office is efficient, the time he had an emergency, I was forced to endure CNN. It was more painful than a lidocaine free extraction.

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