Dear GOP: Stop Using Frank Luntz

Perhaps Frank Luntz is just another victim of Trump Derangement Syndrome. Since the 2016 election, it seems he is far more interested in tut-tutting the Republican base than he is in finding out what we think. The GOP should have been over him in December of 2020 when he poll-tested words to get Americans to comply with lockdowns and masks. His study, in conjunction with the Beaumont Foundation, found that Republicans were particularly skeptical of these COVID-19 mitigation strategies.

Luntz came up with some ridiculous suggestions:

Survey respondents had a much more positive reaction to the term “stay-at-home order.” “Calling it a lockdown brings to mind jailing your population,” Luntz said.

Because giving Americans an “order” sounds so much less authoritarian? This one is also precious:

Health experts often refer to hospitalization rates, but this feels distant and impersonal to the average person, Luntz said. Instead, they should focus mostly on talking about deaths, since that’s universally understood.

Because every corporate media outlet didn’t have a ticker rolling real-time death counts? Most conservatives wanted information so they could make decisions and take personal responsibility (which Luntz also suggested talking about and got completely wrong). We wanted to know precisely who is at risk for severe illness and death from COVID-19. Instead, we got rolling counters of positive tests and deaths of people who may have died “with” or “of” COVID-19, thanks to mandatory testing of hospitalized patients. more here

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  1. Mark Dice should be running GOP polls, not that corrupt Democrat Party mole of a gerbil rancher, Frank Luntz

  2. Frank Luntz is in on the scam. And so is his roommate – literally! the guy lives in his house! – House Speaker-wannabe Kevin McCarthy.

  3. Is Frank Luntz a crackhead just like his good buddy and family friend Hunter Biden?
    Seriously, birds of a feather do flock together….

  4. Frank may be a shitweasel and twatwaffle, but he’s a damned good propagandist.
    He’s probably as good as Josef Goebbels.

    izlamo delenda est …


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