Dearborn Muslim Mayor Mocked for ‘Damage Control’ Attempt After ‘Death to America’ Rally – IOTW Report

Dearborn Muslim Mayor Mocked for ‘Damage Control’ Attempt After ‘Death to America’ Rally

Dearborn Mayor Abdullah Hammoud, the city’s first Muslim and Arab American mayor, is being mocked online over attempts to engage in “damage control” after the city’s residents were seen at a rally chanting “Death to America” and “Death to Israel.”

On Sunday, a video of anti-Israel protesters in Dearborn, Michigan, closing out Ramadan by chanting, “Death to America” and “Death to Israel,” during an International Al-Quds Day rally, went viral on social media. more

17 Comments on Dearborn Muslim Mayor Mocked for ‘Damage Control’ Attempt After ‘Death to America’ Rally

  1. Has the FBI identified those who support death to America and rising against civil or political authority?

    Is this not treasonous and a call for an insurrection?

    Will the corrupt DOJ and the FBI prosecute those who advocate death and destruction of our traditions, people and Government as they continue to prosecute those who peaceably attended the January 6th demonstration???
    Of course not !

  2. Anyone who yells death to America who is a citizen should be charged with treason and given the punishment for treason. The rest should be tried as spies and given the same punishment.

  3. Whitey white white cracker ass }
    Barack Hussein Obama. He will forever go down, and be duly recorded and remembered as the “Black Shit Stain” on American ……………..
    accuracy in media:
    MULATO shit stain

  4. Remarkable people, deserving of remarkable treatment. Really, imagine what the Israelis have to tolerate with this kind of filth on all landward sides of the country. I can understand the urge to kill.

  5. Anybody who chants “Death to” anyone should be immediately arrested for inciting violence and making terroristic threats.

    “Death to those who say ‘Death to America!'”
    “Death to those who say ‘Death to Israel!'”

  6. Remember after 9/11 muzzies were cheering and Trump called them out and the media and lefties said it didn’t happen. And Bush was afraid of backlash agains’t them? If only we had done what was necessary then but “that’s not who we are.” Turned out the guv was worse than we ever imagined.

  7. 30+ years ago I was riding a motorcycle in Dearborn on a weekly basis without so much as a hint of a problem. 20 years ago I was doing carpentry work on commercial buildings there and noticed things changing and people wearing head coverings and occasional Burka clad women. Now I avoid the area completely.


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