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Death and double standards: Harder to attribute mortality to vaccine than to COVID?

Comorbidities are downgraded as causal factors in death when they overlap with COVID, whether the latter is verified or even merely suspected.

Just The News-

Stephanie Dubois, a British model aged 39, and Lisa Shaw, a BBC radio presenter aged 44, died within a day of each other due to serious thrombotic episodes after receiving the Oxford-AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine. Neither had underlying health conditions. 

Dubois’ case has now been referred to the European Medicines Agency (EMA), as she lived in Cyprus, but she left her own account of her tragic decline on her Facebook page: 

May 6: “So I had the vaccination today! I hate needles, today was no exception … And now I feel horrendous … pizza and bed for me.”

May 14: “Woke up feeling fine and then within an hour I had full body shakes, all my joints seized, and I was struggling to breathe and was cold to the bone with a persistent headache and dizziness … Mum and dad came to look after me and took me for a Covid test, which thankfully was negative … but it still doesn’t explain what the problem is. Maybe I’m having a prolonged reaction to my Covid jab last week.” 

That same day she was admitted to the hospital. more here

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  1. People could have a monster jump out of their stomachs ala Alien after getting the jab and officials still would not blame it on the vaccine. But get decapitated in a car wreck but test positive for the Corona Virus and it will be counted as a COVID death.

  2. they killed the science of epidemiology
    that is a death that was really caused by the chainese flu.
    now they’re paradiing zommbified mortality statistics as ‘every things is fine, trust the science’
    3 card malarkey

  3. So if you died WITH Covid, you were counted as having died OF Covid — all the better to inflate the infection and mortality rates. But if you died after having received the shot, well then, it was of something completely unrelated and move along — nothing to see here.

  4. Underlying health issues – how does that explain 4,400+ deaths reported in VAERS, likely very understated since 30% of the data in the latest report was from January and yet more than the last 20 years of ALL vaccine deaths reported. Wouldn’t underlying health issues yield issues with other vaccines too?

  5. Although we may have some 80 years left. The Wuhan virus/Election fraud/”mail-in” ballots and China economic/genocidal bio-warfare could well be the crime of the Century.

    However, there may be no one left by the turn of the 22nd Century for anyone to recognize it.

  6. 77 YO brother had a heart attack three weeks after the first jab.
    Always had check ups and never had any sign of heart problems.
    They say one artery is 100% blocked.
    Abnormal blood clotting, Perhaps?

  7. Sure wasn’t difficult for them to attribute everything from arthritis to zika virus to CCP flu, though.
    Fuckers honestly believe our memories re no longer than the last newscast

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