DeBlasio shows what America would look like under socialism


Bill DeBlasio is doing America a real favor. He is showing us all that under socialism what a wonderful world it would be. DeBlasio reached puberty under the watchful eyes of the Nicaraguan Sandanistas. He also honeymooned in Cuba. The guy is a dyed in the wool socialist. He’s brought socialism to the city of New York and it’s been something to witness.

New Yorkers are not happy with the quality of their living experienceat the moment.

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  1. Oh, sure. New Yorkers will bitch and moan for awhile but they’ll eventually get used to it. They are addicted to socialism and would NEVER vote for a conservative. They voted for this guy, they deserve what they get. Iran has publicly stated they plan to nuke NYC. Even that will not get their attention.

  2. Looks like he has all the qualifications needed to be a Democrat presidential candidate. He should go for it.

  3. Hey kids, here’s how it works –
    Socialism is great until Other People’s Money runs out.
    When that happens, and the bounty from the productivity of free enterprise is picked clean and stripped bare, what’s left is the absolute, stark, naked, raw brutality of Communism! Just look at anywhere it’s been tried. Then, of course, a dictator is needed to control people who are obviously unable to take care of themselves!
    This is what happens when you dumb-down society with decades of the silly sophism of Political Correctness and leftist indocrination to create an entire culture of unemployed, uninformed, Government-dependent, barely-aware, dope-smoking, self-absorbed, Media-influenced, food-stamp wielding, Obamaphone-carrying, Escalade-driving, Kool-Aid drinking, busted-ass, entitlement-rich, free-shit-grabbing Lo-Foz, illegal aliens, criminals and two-time Obama-Voting Honey Boo Boo Union Slugs, none of whom are capable of processing a sound bite over 10 seconds long that doesn’t rhyme!
    But at least if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor!
    Oh, umm… wait-a-hold-it!
    Yes, those Wile E. DefecRats have it down to a science don’t they!

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