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Decision 2020: Donate to Eric Swalwell or buy a bag of chips?


Eric Swalwell Mocked Over Tweet Seeking Campaign Donations.

Eric Swalwell is quickly moving up on our list of top Democrat dumbasses. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez still wears the gilded dunce hat, but that’s beside the point. Swalwell is taking a stab at being the next resident of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Doing so requires copious amounts of moolah.

As such, Eric is trying to score some campaign donations. Take a look at this tweet:


Well, the right decision couldn’t be more clear. I’ll be having Pringles. 


19 Comments on Decision 2020: Donate to Eric Swalwell or buy a bag of chips?

  1. Eric, your constituents can use their EBT cards for those chips and they cost them nothing. Not too bright, eh?

    Here, relax and have a bag of of warm chips. I nuked them – in the microwave.

  2. Maduro light really should move to Venezuela. Venezuelans do not have, nor can they get, anything Swallwell does not approve of. Besides, Venezuela is already the country this California commie wants America to turn into. Eff him.

  3. This little bitch threatened 100 million REAL Americans who own firearms with nuclear reprisal if we do not comply. Hmm… he is disqualified from ever being near the nuclear football.

  4. I really love hearing from Buttkeg from South Bend about how he and his husband are gonna have a baby in the White House!! Does this guy EVER leave his bathroom mirror AND just WHAT does it say about the electorate in South Bend??? Is it the water??

  5. My understanding is Swallwell will nuke those who refuse to give to his ‘babydick’ campaign. I wanna see me some of that.
    Pringles aren’t chips by the way, just like Camels aren’t actually tobacco and Arby’s ‘roast beef’ isn’t roast beef. They all start with the right ingredients (including a lot of very low quality specimens) liquify them, strain out the grossest parts and smoosh the paste into something resembling what they claim to selling. Kind of like what Swallwell and the rest of the democrats are offering this time around.


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