Defense contractors sponsor ritzy gala for Ukraine’s ambassador and DC elites – IOTW Report

Defense contractors sponsor ritzy gala for Ukraine’s ambassador and DC elites

American Thinker:
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By Olivia Murray

There’s a quote often attributed to Robin Williams which says, “Politicians should wear sponsor jackets like NASCAR drivers, then we know who owns them.” Over the years, creative minds have used the quip as inspiration for many a meme and cartoon:

“Politicians should wear sponsor jackets like Nascar drivers, then we know who owns them.”

But now, this joke is more than just a snarky idea floating around in the ether. This morning, Vox published a piece titled, “This DC party invite shows all the money to be made off the Ukraine war” — our “civil servants” and their aligned interests in the corporate world aren’t even hiding their thievery and corruption. Like Oscar Wilde said, “Life imitates art.” According to the article: MORE

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  1. When it rains Fish
    Make Sushi

    Wasabi Salted Soy Fish Sauce

    PPPS: Self-mod htt for self-services
    Soups to Nuts

  2. Did anybody hear anything about that Fancy Hotel in Berlin that sprung an Aquavator Leak?

    I would have thought a fancy hotel lobby like that would have at least one 24/7 Security Camera DVR setup.

    Wouldn’t you?

    Not one inside angle from any direction?

    Not even a Gilligan Coconut Videophone Video?


    Paging Lt, Columbo
    Paging Lt. Columbo
    Pickup For Lt. Columbo

    Voicemail for Lt. Columbo
    Press *+ Your Passcode For Your Message

    Message as recorded after the Beep
    Lt. Columbo
    Bat Man here.
    We need your help.
    Do you like Sauerkraut?
    Can you travel with a Valid ID?
    There is this Hotel and a Scuba Tank.
    All the Wine you can drink if you can solve this one.
    ~The Redd Lobester

  3. Ohh FFS – this shit’s been going on since … what? … the Thirty Years War?
    Maybe before that – there were probably Arrow Fletcher’s Unions who wined and dined Chinese Emperor’s Officials back in AD 220! We all know about the Krupps and the krauts.
    Back in the day they had the decency to make their deals in the darkened rooms of Brothels.

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  4. True, Yoel. I used to read American Thinker pieces. Now I mostly skim, after their comment racket went into effect. That, and their uncritical support of Ukraine this year. Sure, they try to tone down the cheerleading a little bit now, but only because they’re a little embarrassed by the brazen MIC, not by the perfidious imperialism of GloboNATO.

    And Instapundit is even worse. Total in the tank cheerleading for Zelensky, MIC and GloboNATO. To my mind, any “conservative” outlet which is still pushing “Russia bad/Ukraine good” narrative, and unquestioningly endorses the dumping of weapons and money into Ukraine, is no more on our side than the NYT.

  5. Did Chrystia Freeland – Canada’s Deputy Prime Minister Show up?
    She’s doing her part to promote the war as much as possible.
    source: Ottawa Citizen Mar 8,2017 & many others.

    She was really shitting herself in the video where Turdeau was threatening to physically remove the truckers (& FARMERS!) from the Windsor Bridge Blockade. [no one likes to mention the farmers]

    The real STORY will COME OUT. BIDEN obviously threatened to SEND US TROOPS into CANADA. (who knows, might have been the ONLY WAY to get TURDEAU un-elected)

  6. “Defense contractors sponsor ritzy gala…”

    …this would be a great place for the “Puttin’ On The Ritz” performance in Young Frankenstein as a hat tip to “our” Fettermanesque government, if only we could link…

    ht tps: / /you

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