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Delta plane catches fire in Seattle


A new video has captured the moment the front of a Delta plane burst into flames after landing at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport last week. 

The Airbus A321neo had just arrived Monday from Cancun, Mexico when the 189 passengers onboard were ordered to evacuate on emergency slides due to a fire in the plane’s nose area, according to KOMO News. 

“I think people responded to that with panic, there was a little bit of jostling in the aisles to get to the exit,” passenger Ashwin Menon told the station. “But overall it was a pretty smooth evacuation process.” 

Officials say an electrical cord that the plane plugged into after landing generated sparks which caused the fire, KOMO News reports.  more

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  1. Concur with the above. They’re trying to scare us out of the sky short of killing people, destroy the roads by removing bridges and the resulting congestion is their attemp to demoralize us from even thinking about travelling.

  2. “They are now working to terrify us out of the sky.”

    If you don’t have some serious concerns about getting on a plane now because of the forced vaxxing of every airline employee, you aren’t paying attention.

  3. Emergency services was certainly NOT in any rush to get to the plane. I watched the complete video of it last night, it took the fire brigade almost six minutes to get there. After the passengers evacuated, they just had to stand around on the apron because no one came out to show them where to go. If it had been a big fire, the whole airport would have burned down.


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