Dem Senator Facing Re-Election Rolls Out the Pork Barrel for the Home State – IOTW Report

Dem Senator Facing Re-Election Rolls Out the Pork Barrel for the Home State


Last week, Senator Tammy Baldwin’s office secured over $260 million in direct support for over 80 community-driven projects across Wisconsin. Here

In full disclosure, my county has been promised $7 million from the Senator’s largess with other people’s money that will go towards two specific projects

  • $5 million for Waadookodaading Ojibwe Language Institute (WOLI) Revitalization Center to house full-time pre-k to grade 12 Ojibwe immersion education in Hayward.
  • $2 million for Tamarack Health Hayward Medical Center to support expansion of a clinic to improve and expand access to primary care and obstetrical services.

Source: Sawyer County Record

There are local stories all across the state recently on the “community-driven” projects funded by federal dollars. Take a good look through the long list of items Senator Baldwin secured for Milwaukee and the surrounding area. Here

Talk about reward your friends.- Dr. Tar

12 Comments on Dem Senator Facing Re-Election Rolls Out the Pork Barrel for the Home State

  1. How about this idea, every government body, Federal, state, local quits taxing so much, and then offering our own money back for these programs, but without our consent to what programs get it, and just let us keep our money and allow us to do what we want with it?

    I’m sure that the good people of Wisconsin would happily give $5 million to the Waadookodaading Ojibwe Language Institute on their own.

    And if not, then maybe it shouldn’t be a thing.

  2. Pork Politics, that’s the way the re-election game is played.
    The GOP Speaker of the House fought to pass the bills filled with waste and PORK.

    Spineless so called leadership !

  3. Agree with Hunter. Federal government should only get enough tax dollars to pay for what is enumerated as its duty in the Constitution.

    Projects specific to one state should not have to have taxpayers in all states paying for it.

    Taxes should not be “gifts” politicians give back to the taxpayers as election bribes.

  4. @Tony R: “Waadookodaading Ojibwe Language Institute”.

    That is a federal money laundering scheme which converts our tax dollars into fentanyl for sale on the reservation.

  5. The job of a Senator is to protect and support his/her/its State, and for the Representative, his/her/its District. Bringing home the bacon is a key part of the job description.

    Pork is in the eye of the beholder. Pork exists, always has and always will, but most of the funding requests made are responses to requests made by local government to fund projects that fulfill federally mandated service requirements.

    The budgetary process is flawed, but until it is fixed, they need to work it for their constituents. It’s their primary job. If they cannot or will not bring home the bacon, they will be and should be fired.

    The same goes for management and placement of federal lands, facilities, tasks and contracts. That’s why committee positions and leadership are so important.

    Change cannot come from within Congress. It will only come through a Balanced Budget Amendment that clearly defines procedure. Let the idealogues fight for that, but until they succeed, you play the game as it exists.

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