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Democrats Are Demanding An Extra $50,000,000 For Food For Illegals

National Pulse: Amidst ongoing food supply chain issues and shortages in the U.S., House Democrats introduced a bill that would designate an extra $50,000,000 for food programs for migrants in addition to a baseline of $150,000,000.

The bill, H.R. 8725, was sponsored by Representative Eleanor Norton, a Democrat representing the District of Columbia, on August 16th and has since been referred to the Committee on Appropriations.

If enacted, the proposal would “provide supplemental appropriations for the Emergency Food and Shelter Program to provide humanitarian relief for migrants, and for other purposes,” according to the bill text.

“There is appropriated, out of any amounts in the Treasury not otherwise appropriated, $50,000,000, to remain available until expended, for the ‘‘Federal Emergency Management Agency—Federal Assistance’’ account,” proposes the bill.

The funds would be “made available to the emergency food and shelter program for purposes of providing shelter and other services to families and individuals encountered by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).” more

19 Comments on Democrats Are Demanding An Extra $50,000,000 For Food For Illegals

  1. $50M???? That’s a rounding error, besides all they have to do is sell a few T Bills to the rubes, full faith & credit and all that bullshit.

    Did you see that Russia, China and India are doing their buying & selling in rupees & rubles? Can anyone say goodbye to the dollar as the world’s reserve currency? I also note that it started 4 days ago and I have seen this bit of news in exactly 1 place.

    Once the “petrodollar” is gone, the fun is really going to start.

  2. Well isn’t that special?
    American citizens are purposely being financially crushed, unable to get many supplies or food items, being told to spend $50,000 + on electric vehicles and to eat bugs and now the Dirty Dems want us to pay for the illegal invasion problems they created.
    Didn’t they tell us the illegals…I mean asylum seekers would add to our culture and workforce? This seems more like they’re adding to the stock of ne’er do wells.

  3. It may sound maudlin, but the dumbocrat gov’t has taken food from US babies and given it to illegals pouring across the border, who in my opinion should not be given handouts paid for by US Taxpayers.

  4. NFW! If the communists want to reward illegals they need to put up 50% out of their own pockets then take 50 million away from EACH of the thousands of wasteful programs the feds support. Start with the Dept of Education, then go to all federal programs dealing with gay rights, abortions, political correctness, Affirmative Action.

  5. The only reason why Democrats are doing anything for illegals, just as they have for the black population, is to instill any amount of “gratitude” into them. Gratitude makes for very effective leashes, chains, and shackles–forever.

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