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Democrats Choose White Man to Succeed Blackface Governor


Democrats on Tuesday voted overwhelmingly to nominate former governor Terry McAuliffe (D., Va.) to succeed Gov. Ralph Northam (D., Va.), who is somehow still in office after surviving a series of racism scandals involving blackface and a Ku Klux Klan outfit.

In a repeat of the 2020 presidential primary, Democratic voters were more comfortable backing a familiar white man in a field that featured a number of qualified minority candidates. McAuliffe cruised to the nomination, winning every single county in the state and finishing with 62.3 percent of the vote.

Former state lawmaker Jennifer Carroll Foy came in second with 19.8 percent of the vote. Jennifer McClellan, a state senator from Richmond, placed third with 11.6 percent. The runners-up were denied a chance at making history, as both were vying to become the first black woman to serve as governor (of any state).

Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax (D., Va.) placed a distant fourth at just 3.5 percent. Once considered the obvious choice to succeed Northam, his political ambitions were significantly undermined by credible allegations of sexual assault.

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  1. Good Lord, don’t these fuckers ever retire? He’s as bad as Charlie Crist…well maybe not quite that bad, but still.

    And the dem voters are fucking stupid as ever.

  2. I can’t stand McAauliffe, those huge and unsightly flared nostrils are nauseating as well as distracting. If the cameras pan too closely you can actually see brain matter.

  3. Well, we always knew democrats were racists, so this should come as no surprise to anyone with two brain cells to rub together, which to be fair rules out most democrats.

  4. I would never vote Democratic but Northam hasn’t been to tough on us Virginians during the pandemic at least in my town. No businesses closed. Nobody wore masks outside and nobody was arrested.He didn’t agree with vax passports and as far as I know he didn’t want to take our guns. Being a Virginian he probably likes his guns too.

  5. McAauliffe,????????????? Are you kidding!!?? He is one of the most corrupt people this side of the moon…or hillary…………….but may be an improvement on Fordham!! There IS a REASON I would NOT let my daughter go to college EAST of Pittsburgh!!

  6. Just don’t get me started on Virginia politics and governor Blackface and the creep, terry Mc awful.

    The democrats are more interested in Potheads than potholes, more interested in tearing down history than forging a way forward for Virginia.

    I tell you, if this election goes the wrong way. Again.
    I’m leaving.

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