Dems Dropping Millions into What Should Be Safe Seats – IOTW Report

Dems Dropping Millions into What Should Be Safe Seats


While most media watercarriers for Democrats have been claiming the races will be tight, close and control over both the Senate and House are narrow margins, the Democrat party apparatus is sending emergency funds to support deep blue candidates in races where they previously claimed their victory margins were too big to fail.

If the deep blue seats are vulnerable, their seats in districts of marginal support must be considerably more vulnerable. More

It’s like watching someone trying to nail closed the cellar door after the tornado has taken the house. Watch

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    Like listening to Biden talk about his childhood, this one. – Dr. Tar

  2. Don’t be fooled again. This is not desperation. It’s part of the plan. They may be spending on GOTV and candidate ads, but the bulk of the money will be spent on lawyers, judges secretaries of state and assorted lawfare. They are dumping money in for after-election legal maneuvering and payments for the fraud squads, just like they did in 2020. There’s a reason why President Trump was “0 for 60 in the courts”, and a reason why we are still digging up the truth two years later.

  3. “son blames “economic policies” of “lower taxes” for why he can’t get a job with his art degree”

    No, it’s because you have been inculcated with a sense that you can demand others work at a real job so you can sit around doing what you want to do instead of providing something hard working people will willingly pay for.

    Family Ties. Political Divisions.
    For Carolyn Broe and her family, the 2022 midterms have unfolded the way they have for countless others: with great bitterness and turbulence.


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