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Denmark recalls ramen noodles for being too spicy

NY Post

Officials in Denmark have recalled ramen noodles manufactured by Samyang, saying a chili pepper extract included in three of its popular products could “poison consumers.”

However, the South Korean company has hit back, telling the BBC that there’s no problem with the quality of their products — and that the Danes simply can’t handle hot spice.

The Danish Veterinary and Food Administration announced the recall on Tuesday, citing high capsaicin levels in the three recalled instant ramen products: Buldak 3x Spicy & Hot Chicken, 2x Spicy & Hot Chicken and Hot Chicken Stew. more

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  1. I used to love the buldak 2x spicy ramen with spam that i would smoke for a few hours. Still have a few packs left, but cannot eat it since my body can’t handle it anymore.

    One too many spice challenges I suppose.

  2. How tragic that the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration people have already themselves been poisoned. It is clear that they have eaten foods with such an excess of meat tenderizer that their testicles and backbones have completely dissolved. Probably some wrist bones have gone bad, too.

  3. Too spicy for them?
    Ummmmm……just right for me!
    Don’t like it so spicy?
    Don’t add so much packet!
    Those Danes are as bad as my sister.
    Ordinary black pepper is too hot for her.

  4. Isn’t it the Nordic people that eat some kind of fish that has an indescribable vile stench? I remember seeing something on a 60 Minutes type show about the smell. Most people went running and screaming and hurling just from being a few feet from the open can.

  5. I’ve had the 2x & it was basically inedible it was so hot. I bought a brick of four & gave the other three to friends. They all had one bite & threw it away.

  6. One of my roommates before I was married was Hawaiian/Portuguese and one time when it was his turn to make dinner, he had a salted dried codfish that was stiff as a board called bakleau. It was like dried fish jerky, it stunk like hell, and I tried it, once you got past the godawful smell it wasn’t too bad, but I never tried it again. And one of my other roommates who is of Russian heritage and is now a Russian orthodox priest in California made some so-called authentic borscht which was basically a very watery beet soup that also went over like a lead balloon. It was never a dull moment with any of us when we made dinner and took turns and somehow we all survived and are still friends all these years later.


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