Dennis Prager: What’s ripping American families apart? Responses from the bizarre world of NYT readers


In my last column, I published comments written by New York Times subscribers about how proud they were of their children for deciding not to have children of their own. Though they acknowledged how much they ached to be grandparents, they nevertheless reveled in the fact that this would never happen.

Why did these parents take so much pride in their children’s decision not to give them grandchildren?

Because of climate change.

You read that right. Better not to have grandchildren than to have grandchildren who will suffer and quite possibly die because of global warming.

I described these people as deranged because it takes a deranged person to think climate change is a reason to celebrate never being a grandparent.

And who, I asked, produced these deranged parents?

The media and the universities.

What could better prove the power of the media and the universities to pervert the mind than their having convinced people to be proud of the fact that they would never be grandparents? read more

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  1. Why did these parents take so much pride in their children’s decision not to give them grandchildren?

    My 2 children saw the handwriting on the wall for the future of children and decided it wasn’t a kind thing to do to children. We are okay with their decision. I look at other grandparents our age and all they do is worry about their grandchildren’s future. Our children spared us that, and I’m okay with that…..spared themselves future headaches.

  2. We should all be looking forward to severe climate change, and the sooner the better.

    SOCIAL climate, that is. A change to where most people will figure out that the current state of academia and propaganda is like a couple of rabid dogs that need to be put down. “Put down” metaphorically, of course.

  3. Yes step aside and let the third world breeders take over the world by becoming extinct.
    Loss of law,order,education etc will hasten the end of civilization faster than climate change!

  4. Ask anyone to explain ‘climate change’, how we are causing it and steps to fixing the supposed problem. Nobody – not a soul – can discuss steps. Of course then it descends into screaming rhetoric. Best example is Bjorn Lomborg’s book from about 15 years ago (he does ‘believe’ in Globull Warming) in which he outlines dozens of cost-effective ameliorative steps, many of which are coping with the expected hotter temps and sea level rise. And the left hates him – because his somewhat rational fixes don’t lead to a New World Order.

  5. I bought a “Let Me Tell You About My Grandchildren” car plate at Goodwill last month. That pretty much hammered Prager’s point home to me. My oldest boy, 19, not married, no kids, put the tag on the front of his car as a joke. Haha.

    I worry about the future for him and his two siblings, and climate change hasn’t got a damned thing to do with it. But I do want to tell you about my grandchildren some day.

  6. “….they acknowledged how much they ached to be grandparents”.

    From self absorbed narcissistic malcontents who, let’s face it, never liked their own kids. They spent more time dictating how other adults should live their lives they neglected to instill any virtuous morals in their own kids.
    Personally I’m ok with them not having grandkids to indoctrinate.

  7. Any clear thinking American who loves his country and has been paying attention should be petrified at the prospects for future generations of Americans.

    The double whammy of social/moral decay and fiscal insolvency will doom this nation. There will be real life catastrophic consequences for abandoning virtue and embracing narcissism. Ditto with the out of control spending. It will continue up and until it can’t, then we are Venezuela.

  8. Three of my five children have given me six wonderful grandchildren. I love to spend time with them. I too worry about their future and as Thirdtwin stated, it has nothing to do with climate change nor any of the fake “crisis” that the marxists keep throwing out there.

  9. We should look forward to having children no matter the circumstances. Life is short as many of us know. Our objective with children to raise them so that they will return to Jesus from where they came. I do not have grandkids. I hope I do before I pass.

    ‘Whereas ye know not what shall be on the morrow. For what is your life? It is even a vapour, that appeareth for a little time, and then vanisheth away.’
    James 4:14 King James

  10. If we don’t continue to have American children in the tradition of freedom and capitalism, those who illegally enter this country will pump out enough kids to take over. If this happens, those same uneducated people will walk as fast as they can into Marxism and Communism because that’s what they know.

    Why do we have a political party (Democrats) whose only purpose is to to destroy our Constitution and ultimately our country? Democrats keep us in court endlessly over the same topics that are quite clear in the constitution.
    The Constitution is conservative. The only reason Democrats want to abolish it is to control us.

  11. The future belongs to those that eff-ing show up.

    As revolting as killing your own young is, I actually don’t mind that much when progtards self-select themselves out of the gene pool.

  12. I was thrown off by the question including the word “pride”

    Really, climate change and not because they’re all gay or some other letter of the alphabet?

  13. I could not be prouder of my grandkids. In fact, it’s them and my desire to do well for them that keeps me from blowing a gasket and doing something really self destructive. It’s my grandsons 17th birthday tomorrow. Just like everyone, I can’t believe how time flies.

  14. The Lord said to be fruitful and multiply. I did my part. I fathered four children. Five, if you include my first which was murdered in a San Francisco abortion clinic in 1973 without my knowledge and which I found out about later. I have two grandkids and wish I had more. My grandfather once told me his parents worried about him having kids because the world was so crazy back then with WW I and everything. He said that the world will always be crazy but families can weather the storm. The left’s attack on the nuclear family is probably the most evil thing going on, today. I hope that the Lord will someday welcome me into heaven and tell me He is pleased that I did my part to be fruitful and multiply.

  15. My 5th grandchild, a little boy will be born near the end of this month. So now I have 4 granddaughters and a soon to born be grandson and my son couldn’t be happier to have a son to carry on the family name. It’s gonna be interesting what they will name him, all I know is his middle name will be Henry named after my dad John Henry.


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