Diamond and Silk go to Washington

American Thinker: Facebook will once again be in the headlines when the popular vloggers Lynnette “Diamond” Hardaway and Rochelle “Silk” Robinson testify before a House Judiciary Committee on April 26.  The biological sisters and North Carolina natives will discuss Facebook’s social media filtering and policing practices.

From a biting and hilarious 2016 viral video excoriating Fox News superstar Megyn Kelly for her snarky gotcha debate question directed at candidate Trump to their upcoming appearance in D.C., Diamond and Silk are proving to be unstoppable champions of the First Amendment.

Before 2016, not many people had even heard of the sisters, but their gutsy honesty and made-for-media personalities have gained them a huge audience.

Eventually, the pro-Trump enthusiasts, with almost two million followers, landed themselves on Facebook’s “unsafe” list.

Now the former Democrats are eager to present evidence to Congress that Facebook’s technicians purposely targeted them because of their decision to leave the Democratic plantation and jump on the Trump train.   MORE

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  1. I wathed a Liberal talk video on You tube yesterday, and it was embarrassing to watch. Two middle aged guys and a Vulgar 20 something girl doing her nails during the Vid, every third or fourth word was F**k or shit not to forget the C-word from the cryptic slob girl.
    How is that ok or fair to us ?

  2. Yay Team!
    A Diamond tipped blade cuts smooth as Silk.
    We need a ‘study material’ thread to collect examples of internet bias to shine a light on.
    Opportunity knocks.
    Practice. Practice. Practice.
    Measure twice, three times is best, cut once.
    I cans carpenter too, but am not reader 55.

  3. I’m really glad they are out there delivering their message. I just have a hard time listening to them myself. If they have an audience, I’m happy for it. We need everyone on board.

  4. What a gift, really, for FB to do this: now these two are front and center with their message. I heard them on the Laura Ingraham show a couple weeks ago. Wow! I knew who they were during the campaign but never bothered to listen to them. Very inspiring with their message!

    With this and the Kanye and Chance The Rapper thing, more people may feel safe to “come out.”

  5. Common sense is common ground. Love Diamond and Silk! No delusion , just real talk, we are all in this together. So take your left/right , black/white , Prog/Cons , Dems/Reps , and stay Gray Pony Boy, stay gray,,,

  6. Kayne (sp?)West’s pro-Trump coming out of the closet might become prt of the discussion tomorrow. Good timing.

  7. truth !

    the progressive left can’t handle the truth

    how come gays can force conservatives to bake them a cake but conservatives can’t force face book to allow them space to vent the truth ?

    this is all about censorship of the truth.


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