“Diamond” of Diamond and Silk has passed – IOTW Report

“Diamond” of Diamond and Silk has passed

Truth Social: The World just lost a True Angel and Warrior Patriot for Freedom, Love, and Humanity! Diamond blazed a trail, founded on her passion and love for the entire race of humanity. MORE

25 Comments on “Diamond” of Diamond and Silk has passed

  1. 😢😢😰😰😢😢😢😢
    May she at home with her Lord and Saviour.
    And may her (extended) family (us all) find peace.

  2. Nooooo! My sister just gave me their book, ‘Uprising,’ for Christmas and I haven’t even started it. How can her journey be finished?

    BTW: The link isn’t working for me. Are you sure this is true? Say it ain’t so… There is so much such sadness around us these days…

  3. Why is her family so tight-lipped about the cause? Reportedly, she had COVID over Thanksgiving and depending on how severe it was, she’d probably still be recovering from it now.

    And why is Trump involved in reporting it on Truth Social?

  4. “And why is Trump involved in reporting it on Truth Social?”

    Like it or not it’s been reported that Trump became best of friends with these two. I totally get that. I’ve been described as a racist white man and would thoroughly love sitting down and talking with these patriots. I’m actually kind of shocked that question would be asked.

  5. Deeply saddened, for our nation has lost a true patriot 🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲

    RIP Diamond you will be truly missed 😢

    Thoughts and Prayers for your family and of course Silk 🙏❤️🕊️

  6. Ineitha aka “Diamond” was such a vivacious, fashionable, passionate, joyful, effervescent, and dedicated proud Southern patriot.
    It really is a surprise that she has passed. God has made His decision to call her home. She will be missed – a firebrand of faith and love.
    Praying for her family, especially her sister, Herneitha aka “Silk” and their friends. May they experience God’s peace, assured The Father greeted Ineitha with open arms and she heard Him say, “Welcome, Good and Faithful Servant”.


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