Did Cortez scare JP Morgan Chase into cutting off private prison financing? – IOTW Report

Did Cortez scare JP Morgan Chase into cutting off private prison financing?

  • Liberal activists have used the hashtag #BackersofHate to oppose JPMorgan Chase, the largest bank in the U.S., lending to private prison companies.
  • The companies, GEO Group and CoreCivic, say that these activists mischaracterize their role in immigrant detention overseen by the Immigration and Customs Enforcement. 
  • Well-known liberals like New York Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and former Democratic New York gubernatorial candidate Cynthia Nixon support JPMorgan Chase cutting ties with private prisons.



13 Comments on Did Cortez scare JP Morgan Chase into cutting off private prison financing?

  1. She’s like a wrecking ball. Maybe a big premature ejaculation. She really needs to get those teefers fixed. I mean really, who can take Mr. Ed seriously? I guess J.P. Morgan.

  2. The psycho has already been put on the House Financial Services Committee and has evinced a keen interest in the nefarious affairs of the Banksters. What’s the worst that could happen? It’s about to.

  3. After all these years of living in Springsteen country and hearing people refer to this politically illiterate asshole spew his shit, I am glad we have a new “The Boss”, Alexandria O. Cortez to carry the torch to NY.

  4. Doesn’t that Libtard Bon Jovi, You give Libtards a Bad Name, come from the same burg. And doesn’t he own like 1/2 an acre mansion and get ag credits. I believe he does.

  5. Yes, NJ doles out farming and livestock creds. Christine Todd Whitman, former governor was famous on liberal media for taking part. There have been a lot of stories of people planting some quick-grow evergreens on their big lawns, “selling” them to friends as Christmas trees when they were 3 feet high and claiming benefits.

    After all, we are the Garden State!

  6. Brad, yes, definitely. My point is rich people using tax-incentives created by democrats to help the farmers that the rich can use to help themselves. The democrats are genuinely bad on creating tax incentives in my state. Everything always backfires with our super-majority democrats. What the rich are doing is buying up a multi-acre farm, building a palace on it and stopping the farming on it by 90% only to grow enough Christmas trees to get past the bill.

  7. Private prisons need to keep costs low to win contracts. If prison populations decline, they must cut back as all private enterprises must.

    State funded, union controlled prisons don’t care about money and, if their populations decline precipitously, just slip some “green grease” to a sympathetic judge and the prison population can go up, again.

    What is it about that progs don’t understand? …..Lady in red


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