“DOCTOR” Jill Joins Hunter Biden at Gun Trial  – IOTW Report

“DOCTOR” Jill Joins Hunter Biden at Gun Trial 

A protestor trolled the Biden family outside the courthouse with an epic sign.

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  1. If I could only spell ‘stich it op your arss’ I wood get a “Doctor of Illiteratcily’ also.
    Joe and Jill went up thill to get a dose of reality.
    Joe fell down and Jill came around to get a blow job of realty

  2. Looking at that thumbnail, I finally figured out who she reminds me off. She’s really Alice Cooper in a blonde wig without the makeup, isn’t she?

  3. Great sign.
    I bet Doc Jill wore that garish purple suit so the jury and judge would be sure to see her and feel intimidated at the thought of the weaponized Obiden DOJ.

  4. Remember, she’s not an MD or a PhD. She got an EdD, know in the trade as an””Easy Doctoral Degree”. It’s 30-40 credits and no thesis or oral defense. Its a glorified masters degree in education

  5. Quite frankly I think the whole Hunter/Halle relationship and letters are a pretty damning indictment of the vaunted Beau! Looks like Beau married a nympho-gold-digging slut.
    Ahh… the choices made by these feral Bidens would make an alley cat blush!


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