Does BDS Bernie know where his heart stents were developed?

Yes, the bitter old man who combs his hair with a balled-up grocery bag had his life saved by an Israeli invention.

American Thinker:

So does the boycott-divest-sanction movement got anything to say about Bernie Sanders’s heart attack treatment?

Turns out the life-saving medical treatment the far-left socialist Democratic presidential candidate likely got for his heart attack last week was designed and developed and Made In Israel.

According to WebMD, heart attack treatment is characteristically done with stents which open troubled arteries linked to the heart. Stents have developed from crude pipe devices, to drug-coated tools, to meshy net devices in increasingly advanced life-saving technology.

Stents were invented in Israel. And so were drug-coated stents, according to Israel21c.

And most of them still come from Israel, sold to companies such as Boston Scientific and Johnson & Johnson. more

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  1. As a biologist and university researcher in the United States, it is no surprise to hear that some of the latest medical devices for humans were developed and made in a foreign country. Our culture of political correctness and ‘Animal Rights’ has produced an environment where any laboratory animal research, even those that may save human lives someday, are too difficult and expensive to get implemented due to the heavy oversight of a choking controlling bureaucracy. If my kids tell me that they want to go into medical science research I will force them into law school instead to save them from a life of frustration trying to help people.

  2. Bernie-you have no choice but to have those stents removed and sent back to Israel. Phase 2 of the plan will be to exist without them.

  3. Trust me on this – The pieces of shit Bernouts are too far gone for the significance of this to register. They are totally immune to logic and common sense is like Kryptonite to the worthless shitbags… or to put it in terms they might understand: logic and common sense is like a bar of soap and deodorant to you morons, something that has no value.

  4. I hope they were made in China. Plus, I thought it was revealed he had a heart attack. The good news is, he will have to drop out.

  5. Just like that anti Semitic piece of 💩 Jimmy carter who didn’t let BDS get in the way of him getting an Israeli made drug to treat his cancer.

  6. Ah, maybe. There’s a long list of people and institutions that claim to be the first to invent, develop and first use coronary artery stents, and later improvements. btw, the name “stent” is actually taken from the last name of a dentist who did research with the idea, but not, afaik, for coronary arteries.

  7. Bernie is tribe. But he is Schwartz György tribe, and as such has no use for national sovereignty. The stench is overwhelming.

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