Does Mitt Romney have any friends who care about him enough to tell him the truth?

Stop running! You suck, you’re wasting money, and no one likes you. Go find some other hobby.

Howie Carr:

The bad news is, it looks like Willard M. Romney is running for political office again.

The good news is, he’s not doing it here in Massachusetts.

In its own way, Mitt’s refusal to exit gracefully is as pathetic as Hillary Clinton’s last-gasp attempt to maintain her own relevance. They have strutted and fretted their hour upon the stage, and it’s about damn time both of them were heard no more. Talk about a tale told by an idiot….

What was it the late Dick Tuck said after losing an election:

“The voters have spoken, damn them!”

Romney used to be governor of Massachusetts, although when he was running for president (twice) he tried to go back to being from Michigan, and after the 2012 election he moved to La Jolla, although he was most often photographed on Lake Winnipesaukee in New Hampshire, and now I guess he lives in…Park City, Utah.

Any port in a storm, right Willard?  MORE

14 Comments on Does Mitt Romney have any friends who care about him enough to tell him the truth?

  1. Why does Romney think he is so important we need to elect him into office?
    The Senate, no less.
    What does he offer?
    Nice guy, I rooted for him in 2012, but now I want him to fade away.

  2. 1. The Mormon’s tried to stop me on the street. I said, “Romney’s a Mormon isn’t he? (they nod approvingly) And he stabbed Trump in the back. Is that what you people do? Not a very good idea was it?” -they moved on w/o trying to convert me.

    2. McCain will be dead before Christmas (Allah willing) so the Republican back-stabbing vacuum can’t be filled with Lindsey Graham alone. Romney will have to pick up the slack. So I fully expect Romney to win, and be on liberal t.v. 24/7 basking in their approving glow of Republican-bashing.

  3. Hey Mittens, people have caught on to the standard packaged political hack. You missed the bus. Go take a long walk and take the rest of your carefully tip-toeing hustlers with you.

  4. There should be an old folks home, “El Diablo’s Eternal Inferno” for the likes of Romney, Clintons, the Bushies, Kennedys, McCain, McConnell, Pelosi, Reid, Schumer, et al.

    Rather than the usual activities of shuffleboard, bingo night, poker, bridge, etc., they could have the Bullshit Olympics, Felons Friday, The Liars Club, Cons on Parade, Treasonous Tuesday.

    I can think of no worse punishment than having to suffer their final years vying for acknowledgement of self perceived importance amongst colleagues even they can’t tolerate.

  5. Like McCain, if it weren’t for the coat tales of their Daddy’s successes they would be moderately good at selling used cars. They’ve proven repeatedly they are good liars and have no integrity.

    Willard, we drove you around, kicked the tires, checked the engine, we didn’t buy it. Too much mileage going no where.


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