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Dominican President Trolls Biden With Beach Comment 

GP: Joe Biden on Thursday held a bilateral meeting with Dominican Republic President Luis Abinader in the Oval Office.

President Abinader trolled Biden with a beach comment.

The next Summit of the Americas “will be in Punta Cana, so you’ll have time to be on the beach,” President Luis Abinader said to Joe Biden referring to his non-stop beach vacations. Biden laughed off the subtle jab.

10 Comments on Dominican President Trolls Biden With Beach Comment 

  1. Oh boy!
    When the leader of a tiny half island gets bold enough to burn the U.S. Pres in public, you know he’s the laughing stock of the world.
    Too bad he didn’t have one of his outbursts and yell out that he isn’t really running anything.

  2. Isn’t it “funny” how the same mainstream media that used to keep a running total of president Trump’s golf games, is totally uninterested in Joey’s endless vacations?

  3. Funny when I was in Haiti doing medical missions the local young men would proposition women by asked “do you want to go to the beach?” Locals would have sex with the lower halves of their bodies submerged, the closest approximation to privacy anyone could expect when families of 10 shared a one room tin shack. It was nothing to look out into the surf and see half a dozen couples rocking with the waves.

    Once we realized that, no one wanted to go swimming.


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