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Don Lemon Described as a ‘Diva’

Don Lemon Described as ‘Diva’ and ‘Shameless Name Dropper’ Who Treats Colleagues Poorly.

National Pulse:

CNN’s Don Lemon sent threatening messages to a young, female, co-anchor after being passed over for an assignment in Iraq, Variety magazine revealed this week.

Lemon – who had already been assigned “formal training” for “past her prime” comments directed toward former Governor of South Carolina, Nikki Haley, in February – is alleged to be the progenitor of aggressive text messages sent to other colleagues from a so-called “burner phone”.

Variety reports:

While Phillips was on assignment in Iraq — a high-profile gig that Lemon coveted — he vented his disappointment at being passed over by tearing up pictures and notes on top of and inside Phillips’ desk in the news pod they shared, according to two sources who worked there at the time. When she returned from Iraq, things only got weirder. One night while dining with members of the news team, she received the first of two threatening text messages from an unknown number on her flip phone that warned, “Now you’ve crossed the line, and you’re going to pay for it.” Phillips was visibly rattled and quickly enlisted CNN’s higher ups to identify the sender.

Remarkably, the texts were traced back to Lemon, according to those same sources. A human resources investigation was launched, and while the findings were never disclosed to the growing pool of staffers who were aware of the situation, Lemon was abruptly pulled from his co-anchor duties with Phillips and moved to the weekends. It was a demotion by any objective measure and understood to be some kind of disciplinary action. It appears to be the last time he was paired with a female anchor until his most recent assignment on “CNN This Morning With Don Lemon, Poppy Harlow and Kaitlan Collins.” more

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  1. So, he behaves like a pissy prima dona, and threatens coworkers, real women, and still has a job there because??? Oh, that’s right, he’s a member of a protected class.

  2. What makes it Double Funny . . .

    What he meant by Past her Prime versus what his own ilk choose to use as their own, more offensive, definition.

    He meant Fame
    They took Time

    Today is day 7

  3. I could have told you that, and I don’t even watch Communist “News” Network.

  4. I wasn’t aware that “diva” meant “fag.”
    I thought it was some kind of frog or wop word that meant something else.
    But there you go! Learn something new, and it’s a good day.

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …


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