Donald Trump Rally in Sterling Heights, Michigan (11/6/2016) – IOTW Report

Donald Trump Rally in Sterling Heights, Michigan (11/6/2016)

5 Comments on Donald Trump Rally in Sterling Heights, Michigan (11/6/2016)

  1. They keep telling us that this election is between two equally unlikeable candidates. Where is this other unlikeable candidate of whom they speak? I’m only seeing one. And I don’t see her very much at all.

  2. I love it when Trump mentions how the press never shows the size of the crowds. They are staggering.

  3. Come on America it’s time to play our TRUMP card!

  4. This is it, brother and sister Americans! If you have even ten minutes to spare in the next two days, please sign up for Trump Talk (takes 5 minutes) and make calls. We’re GOTV (get out the vote) in many states. These last two days will make or break us. These last two days are when undecideds finally decide and when decideds erroneously believe someone else will carry the ball for them at the polls. We need all of us to get them to the polls or to drop off their ballots! Your ten minutes will make all the difference.

    You’ll have the thanks of a grateful nation.

  5. 0bama and the bitch are both, wait … , the two bitches are both campaigning in Michigan today. They are scared of their inevitable loss.

    Great that the MI AG is on board with us. He sounds like a very intelligent man.

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