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Don’t Drink And…

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  1. I used to save the color Sunday comics sections back when I got the paper paper delivered to my door. A stack of comics, a big roll of red plastic surveyors’ tape (which is a lot cheaper than gift wrap ribbon), and a roll of Scotch tape “borrowed” from work and I was all set!

    Oh, yeh. Scotch tape. That reminds me of where I was going with this: Scotch. Neat.

  2. Put Uncle Al down for a Scotch & scotch…

    I too used to use the Sunday comics as wrapper.
    Two gifts in one!

    BTW, Total Wine here in Vegas has some 1964 Scotch that will set you back quite a bit…

    I once had some KY Bourbon from 1910.
    Incredibly was good and not poison.


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