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Don’t Shut Down the January 6 Committee – Supercharge It!

American Thinker:

By Brian C. Joondeph

Now that the US House of Representatives will be under Republican control, assuming Santa Claus doesn’t deliver Democrat ballots to a few key swing districts as an early Christmas present for the Democrat party, the new House GOP leadership will determine the fate of the January 6 committee.

Will GOP leaders shut down the committee? Far-left Mother Jones believes it, “Will be coming to an end.” They also think that the GOP will want to, “Exact revenge on the panel by attacking its work—and its members.” Revenge against the two RINO Republican committee members is done as neither will be returning to the next Congress.

The January 6 committee is a hyper-partisan gaggle of Trump-hating members of Congress, consisting of a Democrat chairman, 6 Democrat committee members including Reps Adam Schiff and Jamie Raskin, and two token Republicans, who loathe Donald Trump even more than their Democrat colleagues, Reps Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger.

In a delicious twist of fate, neither Republican will be a member of the next Congress, Cheney shellacked in her GOP primary and Kinzinger wisely not seeking reelection, preferring to take his crocodile tears on left-wing cable news shows.

Despite their stated goal of investigating the so-called “attack” on the US Capitol on January 6, the true goal is to tar and feather Donald Trump through endless media leaks, eventually turning their “evidence” over to the politicized Department of Justice, which will dutifully indict and prosecute their political opponent just like in a third world banana republic dictatorship.

But Democrats always have a plan B, whereas Republicans rarely even have a plan A. Since Democrats lost control of Congress and the January 6 committee, and since Donald Trump recently announced his candidacy for President in 2024, plan B calls for the committee’s work seamlessly handed off to a Special Counsel. This is attorney Jack Smith, whose wife, was a producer on “Becoming”, a film perhaps jumpstarting Michelle Obama’s presidential aspirations, and who donated $2000 to Biden’s presidential campaign. Let’s see if this receives the Ginni Thomas treatment. I suspect not as hypocrisy is a Democrat specialty.

Now that the “bring down Trump at any cost” committee has served its purpose and handed off its two-year long waste of time and resources to a political hatchet man special counsel, what should Republicans do with such a committee? The knee jerk reaction would be to shut it down. But perhaps that’s the easy way out for establishment Republicans who prefer to lick their wounds rather than fight back.

A better idea would be to renew the committee and stack it with Freedom Caucus Republicans and a few “Never-Biden” Democrats, if any exist. Names like Reps Jim Jordan, Andy Biggs, Matt Gaetz, Marjorie Taylor Greene, and Chip Roy come to mind.

Then let the real investigations begin. There are so many questions that have been ignored and need answers. more

4 Comments on Don’t Shut Down the January 6 Committee – Supercharge It!

  1. Meeting Adjourned
    Lets wrap it up and quickly please
    Lame Duck contracts be damned
    We gotta shut this fucker down
    It’s a gittin Hot

    FTX and msNBC and Crypto Shits
    We gots to splits town
    For FTX XMAS
    Yea, just say uhhhhh
    Prior Commitment

    Let’s go, wrap it up

    The Jive still ain’t Shuckin
    And the Snow is most definately Deeper

  2. What the hell, democrats have urinated a bundle of money on it, whats a few more wasted tax dollars?/

  3. “Republicans rarely even have a plan A.”

    …sure they do.

    The same one they’ve had for decades.

    Pretend to be opposition and carefully stay out of power so they can talk big but have an excuse to do nothing. In the unlikely event they gain power, run pointless comittees with enough RINOS to keep the focus off their friends across the aisle and be deliberately bumbling and incompetent long enough to hand the power back to Democrats without having to accomplish anything. Then take their traitor’s wages and look the other way.

    Republican plan A-Z. Always is and ever shall be.

  4. Totally agree.
    Next 2 years nothing of value will pass anyhow, so spend all of the time investigating and bringing focus to the illegal activities of Dem legislators and others.


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