Down Syndrome Drag Show Kicked Out of Venue After Public Outrage


A showing of a down syndrome drag show has been kicked out of a venue in Grand Rapids, MI following public outrage.

The organizers still claim that “Drag Syndrome” will be performed somewhere else in the city on Sept. 7, as apart of the Project 1 contest by ArtPrize. The organization holding the contest is not happy about the decision made by owners of the venue.

ArtPrize released a statement saying that the organization “has always supported free artistic expression by all participants and has not denied or screen individuals. Consistent with this, we believe it would be inappropriate to limit the participation of performers who have Down syndrome.”

Drag Syndrome is the latest manufactured craze pushed by the LGBT movement to exploit disabled individuals to promote their perverse sexual agenda. more

17 Comments on Down Syndrome Drag Show Kicked Out of Venue After Public Outrage

  1. Is there no dignity left anywhere? WTF are those idiots thinking? How much do you want to bet there is a juvenile division?

  2. using the easily-manipulated & cognitively-challenged … how low can anyone possibly go?

    I think we have the answer! … thy name is ‘progressive’

  3. This looks like exploitation to me. Yes, down syndrome individuals should be in the arts and theater if they choose, but how would they have an idea to do drag unless they were indoctrinated into it?

    I have a grand nephew who has Down Syndrome and the CNN video nearly made me cry for those souls who are being used as monkeys in a circus.

  4. Honest to God, the left has lost their Goddamned minds and Trump is to blame, been trolling them sumptin plumb terrible. They don’t know whether to tie their shoe or wind their wristwatch. It reminds me of myself going after an RV full of mosquitoes with my hat in the dark, swing wildly in a blind rage trying in vain to kill something but coming up empty.

  5. Square…. just wait for it
    Hope you have not planted a seed for the next ‘reality’ netflix show,
    ‘Deaf-Blind Square Dancing’ is up next…
    Will most likely be the new Season Premiere plot for Daredevil.

  6. The progressive left is exploring every possible perversion they can dream up. Their sole purpose is to shock and offend the general public. It’s a good indicator of the viciousness these people harbor within themselves. They can’t achieve any gratification in their lives unless they’re offending others. They’re just miserable people.

  7. OMG! Liberalism truly is a mental disease! The sick, twisted, Progressive SOBs who thought this was a good idea are the ones who belong in an institution!

  8. Yep – natural progression of the “social worker/justice advocate” movement in the disability community to advocate for this – they’ve been teaching, researching, and encouraging free sexuality among the retarded for 40 years and this is the logical progression of that.

  9. So sad, just turn on the TV to the TODAY Show, GMA, whatever the other one is,,, and this is presented as ‘Normal’. All DAY! Thanks NBC, ’cause Ellen is no agenda pushing untalented trash,,


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