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Dramatic Video Captures Two Ambulances Crashing In New York City


Four paramedics were rushed to the hospital after two ambulances collided in New York City. The two emergency vehicles were responding to the same call when they crashed into each while crossing an intersection.

One ambulance T-boned the other, knocking it on its side as it went barreling across the street. That ambulance struck a van before taking down a traffic light while it skidded to a halt on the sidewalk. The front end of the other ambulance was decimated in the violent crash, and it came to a rest in the middle of the road. watch

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  1. OT
    B R E A K I N G

    President Trump,
    Please be aware that NBC, msNBC, DNC and a handful of American Corporations are interfering and MEDDLING in FOREIGN ELECTIONS.

  2. I didn’t hear any sirens. Who was driving these 2 ambulances? Maybe they were in a hurry to remove Jeffrey Epstein’s body and didn’t want anyone to know so they weren’t using their sirens. Who knows, are they hiring incompetents now as EMT’s because of affirmative action and political correctness?

  3. Two ambulances responding to the same call.

    Mother, Jugs and Speed. 1976 movie about ambulance wars with Bill Cosby and Raquel Welch. Guess who was Jugs. Couldn’t even use this name for a movie today.

  4. …may the Lord bless those medics, numb their wounds, guide the hands of their healers, and give them full and complete healing that they may return whole to their families and continue to serve a public in need.

    …that said, this is a training issue.

    You are taught in Emergency Response class that you STILL have to use due caution. This phrase appears several times in Ohio code, and I would be very surprised if it didn’t in New York as well. Turning on lights and sirens does NOT dissolve traffic and pedestrians and does NOT give you a right to charge hell-for-leather through tight streets, it merely gives you the right to go through traffic control devices AFTER exercising due caution to assure that EVERY vehicle and pedestrian is aware of your presence and has stopped for you, and it does allow you to go a bit faster than the posted speed limit as long as it is reasonable to do so, e.g. you have good sight-lines, there is no potential traffic from an intersection, you are fully cognizant of pedestrians and smaller vehicles like bicycles, baby carriages, strollers, etc.

    If you were to kill someone while responding to an emergency, you would be charged with manslaughter like anyone else, lights or no lights, unless they did something egregious such as deliberately pull in front of you at close range like a man trying to beat a train, or try to follow you through intersections.

    I have driven emergency response vehicles up to a “Quint”, which is an extremely large pumper which, in this case, also sported a 100 foot stainless steel mechanical ladder complete with bucket and permanently mounted deck gun on the front. This thing was so festooned with lights and bells and sirens and whistles, and painted a sneering shade of fire-engine red along with being heavily with brightly polished chrome bumpers and fixtures that it’s amazing it could move itself, let alone carry 500 gallons of water. Most of the lights were in front, unsurprisingly, on the bumper, on the bottom of the bucket, and on the roof of the cab, along with a regular electronic siren, a mechanical siren, and a literal chrome bell that was fully functional.

    And people did not see or hear this.

    Some folks would be so wrapped up in their world and have their music turned up so loud that they had absolutely NO idea that the Juggernaut of Vishnu was bearing down on them, revealed in full wrath and anger, and just kept tooling along at 30 MPH and stopping at signs and lights like good boys, oblivious to what may be going on in the rear view mirror.

    If they had one. Not everyone DID.

    It was sometimes fun when they looked up and saw this tank snorting furiously in their back window all of the sudden, but that was dangerous too. They could slam on the brakes, veer suddenly to one side or another, or take off at Wartime Emergency Power for the far horizon, you just didn’t know.

    And that was with a HUGE vehicle.

    Ambulances get similar disrespect, and are less noticeable because they are more part of the scenery. People may not want to wait for one to go by and pull out in front, pedestrians with ear buds pushed in to the center of their brain will blither out into the middle of the intersection, and a boy chasing a ball will NEVER care if there’s an ambulance there or NOT.

    And it’s YOUR responsibility to look out for these things.

    Odds are, this was a newer guy with an adrenaline rush. It happens. In this video it looks like the crossing ambulance was going so fast that it probably would not have made the turn anyway. You can get like that with pediatric non-breathers too, it’s just a normal human reaction.

    One of my units was a Chevy based high cube with a 454 gasoline engine on that, and I can’t swear that I kept all 6 of the wheels on the ground at all times on THAT one if a baby was dying, either. By the grace of God I was always lucky and did not have any TCs during my decade, but HAD I had done so, things like THAT would have been MY fault.

    This looked like a clear day with good sight, too. There is no apparent reason this should have happen, save a brake failure or similar mechanical problem, but the odds do not favor that. This haste made for 4 people in the hospital, 2 ambulances out of service for a very extended time, 2 LESS ambulances at whatever emergency they were responding to, which ITSELF could have caused harm or death by delaying the response. It is TOTALLY necessary to curb the “lead foot” impulse and drive firmly, but HEEDFULLY, to your destination.

    I always told my wife that ambulances got NO special dispensation from God. When it rained, they could slip. When it was icy, they could slide. When there was something on the road, they could pop a tire. But you HAD to go out in ALL those things, and let me tell you, there are few things more disturbing and bad for the digestion than going into a full power slide into a corner on a patch of ice with yourself, a basic, two paramedics, and a critical patient onboard a big box truck laden with air tanks, oxygen tanks, rescue tools, APUs, and the full panoply of medical supplies you might find in any ER, and noticing that your steering inputs may as well be made on a U-Drive-It game for all the good they were doing. Again, the Lord blessed me with traction before THAT came to its possible worst conclusion, but had it of ended BADLY, it would STILL have been MY fault for not exercising due caution.

    Thank God no one died. Thank God no one outside the ambulances was injured. Once God heals them, may they LEARN from this experience and be better drivers and more reliable public servants as a result, and continue to bring the hope of healing to a troubled world.

  5. Mother , Jugs, and Speed. AUGUST 14, 2019 AT 9:04 AM
    “Perhaps Their sirens were in perfect sync….”

    …in my day, when we responded multiple vehicles, the SOP was that each one used a different tone sequence to the extent possible to avoid that. One would use the rise/fall, another would use a high/low, still another would use a rapid tone, etc., to try to relieve some of this.

    It’s STILL your responsibility as a drive to be SURE you can safely bust an intersection, and drive at a speed where you can REACT, though, regardless of sounds.

    We ALSO don’t know if the dispatcher warned them. They were responding from multiple locations, and some dispatchers are better about advising field units about that than others, but still – and I can’t emphasize it enough – the safe operation of the vehicle is the DRIVER’s ultimate responsibility and NO ONE ELSE’S.

    Legally, morally, factually. Just the way it is.

    Let’s be careful out there…

  6. SNS, “they had absolutely NO idea that the Juggernaut of Vishnu was bearing down on them, revealed in full wrath and anger”

    Have you ever thought about writing a book about your experiences? I would buy it and enjoy it immensely!

  7. …you are very kind, @Claudia, but back in they day we used to talk about that, and the conversation usually ended with “You’re writing a book? Well, then, why don’t you kiss my (butt) and call it a love story?!?”

    …in all seriousness, it would be difficult to do something like that without getting specific about names and places, and that’s a LOT of consent that would have to be acquired, some from dead people and governments which are both about equally responsive, so as a practical matter it probably wouldn’t pan out.

    Leaving out places, names, and verifiable stuff like that would just make it seem a tall tale. If I learned nothing else, I have found that truth can, in fact, be stranger than fiction.

    Also, an HONEST one would have WAY too much sitting in the ready room watching the Simpsons and contemplating the next snack to buy out of the vending machines. MOST FF/EMT works is very long stretches of boredom punctuated by an hour or two of abject terror.

    And any military vet has WAY better war stories than me anyway.

    …so again, thank you for your charitable words, but for now, I’m kind of restricted to the randomly serialized form of TL:DNR blog comments for as long as iOTW will tolerate them, and since I’m mostly sharing to make a point with some experience that I have that others may not, that is sufficient for me, for now…

    God bless,

  8. Anonymous
    AUGUST 14, 2019 AT 11:56 AM
    “..would hate to be in a conversation with you,couldnt get in a word…”

    …not so. I can’t TALK worth crap.

    That’s WHY I type…


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