Drug Overdose Deaths in US Decline for First Time Since 1990

Epoch Times:

The number of people who died from drug overdoses in the United States dropped in 2018, marking the first decline in nearly three decades, according to figures released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on July 17.

The government estimates that 68,557 people died from overdoses in 2018, down from 72,224 in 2017. The drop is driven by the reduction in prescription opioid overdose deaths.

Meanwhile, overdose deaths involving fentanyl and cocaine continue to soar.

“The latest provisional data on overdose deaths show that America’s united efforts to curb opioid use disorder and addiction are working,” Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar said in a statement. “Lives are being saved, and we’re beginning to win the fight against this crisis.”

“While the declining trend of overdose deaths is an encouraging sign, by no means have we declared victory against the epidemic or addiction in general,” Azar added. “This crisis developed over two decades and it will not be solved overnight.” read more

5 Comments on Drug Overdose Deaths in US Decline for First Time Since 1990

  1. Trump does it again.

    The gift of Trump (aside from Trump’s genius and character in helping to undo the eight year sewer-spill that was obama) is that he has show us UNEQUIVOCALLY how it is “done.” All it takes is guts.

    In other words, genius Donald Trump designed a system for future conservative politicians that can be run by even by idiots. But it takes guts.

    Scratch the boehners, ryans, romneys, mcconnells, etc. Fire-breathers only.

  2. No doubt that Naxalone (Narcan, etc) is responsible for reversing many overdoses, but this administration is the first to make the opioid epidemic front and center — as far as they can make any issue front and center, given the extreme hostility towards it by American media. And this president has taken an aggressive stand against many of the factors contributing to prescription drug addiction. Naming the problem has gone a long ways toward solving it; something his predecessors had not done in any significant way.

  3. Local EMT’s tell me overdose cases are up. Deaths have been reduced by EMT’s and cops carrying Narcan and administering same if they have any doubt what the drooling moron on the ground just did.

    One local addict has had over 15 doses in the last 2 years.


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