Durham indicts Democrat lawyer for making false statement when he fed Russia dirt to FBI

Just The News-
Special Counsel John Durham on Thursday secured an indictment against a prominent Democrat lawyer alleging he developed and fed information to the FBI during the 2016 campaign suggesting Donald Trump was colluding with Russia without disclosing he was being paid by Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

The indictment handed up against Michael A. Sussmann charges he made a false statement in fall 2016 to then-FBI general counsel James Baker that he was providing the information as an ordinary citizen and not on behalf of a client.

In fact, the indictment said, Sussmann charged his time for the meeting with the FBI to the Clinton campaign as well as much of his work developing a white paper alleging computer communications between an Alfa Bank server in Moscow and Trump Tower in New York. more

26 Comments on Durham indicts Democrat lawyer for making false statement when he fed Russia dirt to FBI

  1. Gnat fart.

    While I’ll be mildly glad to see the indicted insider Dem shyster get arrested, arraigned, tried, convicted, jailed, and disbarred (for a few months, betcha), what I really want to see, and probably won’t, are govt bureaucrats and agents doing perp walks and getting f***ed in the a** on C-SPAN.

  2. Dude waited until 3 days before the statute of limitations was set to expire. Been 3 days short of 5 years to take action on this clown, so guessing he’s the only one who’s gonna get hosed. What a fucking waste of time and money.

  3. Low hanging fruit. No jail time. If they prosecuted every liar in Congress we would have special elections every month for years.

  4. Justice has been served! Money well spent! /s

    In the coming days we’ll hear from some conservative pundits that there is more to this than initially meets the eye. That blah, blah, blah-blah-blah. It will be structured to make us think that more is forthcoming, that it has implications beyond – who the hell know what. The point, and I’m probably making it poorly, is that every single one of them is part of the problem.

    We’re being lied to at every turn. By those that we know for certain are lying to us and those that we think are not lying to us. Nobody wants to end up broke, hungry and homeless and the mediagentsia think that they can all stay above it when the takeover is complete.

  5. Durham: “Here’s your sacrificial lamb plebes, now STFU!! God you little people are irritants. I hope you’re happy (well not really, I actually don’t give a shit.)”

  6. I mean if yer gonna go after something on the Clintons, there’s a LOT of dead bodies out there that have no statute of limitations! He could milk those until he dies!!

  7. So, this is what took two fucking years? And we all know the guy will get a slap on the wrist and a fat paycheck from CNN eventually. The lizard people are laughing at all of us.

  8. Heck. I can’t wait for this to get to the US Supreme Court. There’s gonna be some serious whoop-ass goin’ down. Them Justices are gonna kick some butt, just wait and see.

    Yep, Roberts and Slobomeyer are gonna lay it down on them guys who was tellin’ fibs ’bout President Trump gettin’ peed on in Russia. Betcha Hellary is crappin’ in her pants about now.


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