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Dylan Mulvaney – A Minstrel Show For 2023

AND Magazine: Once upon a time, America had minstrel shows. These featured white performers in black face singing, dancing, and acting out racist stereotypes of purported “black” behavior. They have, thank God, been consigned to the dustbin of history. Unfortunately, for us, they have been replaced by a ‘New Age’ minstrel show in the form of Dylan Mulvaney.

Dylan Mulvaney is a guy and a failed Broadway actor. He has now reinvented himself as a girl and spends his time regaling us with stories of his “girlhood.” He prances around dressed like some mad Barbie doll expressing his delight with now being in possession of tampons (no word on where he puts them) and his enlarging nipples.

Throughout his routine, Mulvaney engages in what can only be described as overtly offensive behavior in which he acts out what are in his mind stereotypical female characteristics. MORE

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  1. Guys like Rogan and Stern, through this controversy, have been exposed as either tone-deaf to the point of absurdity or willing pliant shills for the woke establishment.

    They hide behind,”What’s the big deal, who is being harmed”? Children are being told that any confusion or uncertainty of feelings, which has affected every child since the beginning of time, is NOT the normal process of maturation, no, it is because you are in the wrong body and have the wrong sex organs. And this freak is the poster child for this type of gender dysphoria. Tic-tock, agenda-driven teachers, and the culture rit large not only affirm gender reassignment but lionizes it as a public statement of liberation.

  2. Mocking people who suffer form a psychological condition is no different than mocking any other group. Putting kids up to is is evil and wicked. Don’t get me started on their exploitation


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