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‘Eight is Enough’ star Adam Rich dead at 54

JTN: Adam Rich, known for starring in the ABC sitcom “Eight is Enough,” passed away at the age of 54, a representative for the actor confirmed Sunday. more

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  1. From the New York Times: In the past, he had sought treatment for substance abuse. In 1991, he was arrested on suspicion of burglarizing a California pharmacy, and the actor Dick Van Patten, who played Mr. Rich’s father in “Eight Is Enough,” bailed him out of jail, The Orlando Sentinel reported.

    So, he’s had a shaky life. People are dying these days from SAD or suicide. We’ll be seeing many more suicides among those young people who were talked into having their dick cut off, or the female sex organs removed. Either way, they ruined their life and no reason to carry on. Mental illness knows no boundaries. One good thing, they can’t breed, and that disturbs them.


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