Electric Bus Loses Power On a Hill in San Francisco – IOTW Report

Electric Bus Loses Power On a Hill in San Francisco

Google’s “100% Battery Electric” bus lost power on a hill in San Francisco, fell backward and crashed into a bunch of cars.

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  1. Most EVs have “regenerative braking”, meaning any time the brakes are applied the circuit to the electric motors is reversed to charge the battery. I wonder if the batteries were charged during this event?

  2. Vicious Sid
    TUESDAY, 7 NOVEMBER 2023, 8:44 AT 8:44 AM
    “Just like anything else the Democrats and liberals promote – it doesn’t work or it soon breaks.”

    As intended.

  3. My guess would be that putting proper truck brakes on it would require constant use of an air compressor by its very nature, and that would consume power it can’t replace the whole time it’s in use and so limit the range even if it otherwise works properly.

    So they chose to compromise passenger safety by not using a proven technology in the name of pushing their narrative instead.

    The folks on the bid are lucky.

    They could have just as easily ended up floating in the Bay with the rest of the turds.

    Or burst into flame…


    …constant power consumption is a huge issue in electric vehicles in general with wipers, headlights, heaters, blowers, etc., but is damaged near insurmountable in large vehicles that have to run all day and do different things. They could cheat like CA did by adding an APU to their electric fire trucks, but it wouldn’t be “100% Electric” then, would it…


  4. This is what happens every fucking time delivering basic services is subordinated to pushing the progressive movement’s agenda. This is minor in comparison to what the rotten bastards are capable of. They have no compunction killing people by the score either. I can’t begin to count the number of times I have heard: You have to break a few eggs to make an omelet. when the worthless cocksucker followers are confronted by another disaster they caused.


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