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Elon Musk May Have No Idea What He Purchased


… And if he does, the outlook is worse.

According to both the Senate Intelligence Committee (SSCI), via Chairman Mark Warner, and the House Intelligence Committee (HPSCI) via Mike Turner, the Chinese social media platform TikTok represents a “national security risk” to the United States.  South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem, soon to be the vice-presidential candidate for the DeSantis-Noem 2024 ticket, has also called TikTok a national security threat and banned it in the stateNow, think about that carefully.

What is it about a social media app that allows short video sharing that would constitute a national security risk?  The answer is not about dog and cat videos, or dancing diatribes or funny, weird or goofy content; nor is the national security risk attached to any data of the app users or content providers.  The national security risk is found in the ability to influence public opinion that is not under the control of the United States government, or more specifically the Dept of Homeland Security (DHS).

The need for control is a reaction to fear.  TikTok, as a social media platform, is not considered a national security threat because the Chinese government can control it.  TikTok is considered a national security threat because the United States government does not control it.


18 Comments on Elon Musk May Have No Idea What He Purchased

  1. From Paul Joseph Watson:

    “Elon taking over Twitter only to realize much of it is still controlled by deep state frontmen.

    Similar to when Trump was elected.”

    No truer words were ever spoken…

  2. You cannot purchase evil with the expectation of exposing the truth.
    Evil is Evil and it’s not going away by voting, purchasing or exposing…

  3. IMO, suggesting Musk had no idea is unlikely. What’s likely is he wasn’t prepared for the depth of Twitter part of the swamp, the sheer number of swamp creatures embedded in the company, and their tenacious grip on the censorship/propaganda controls,

  4. I think we all have been naive as to the depth of corruption embedded in big tech, government, and corporate institutions.
    They have been building their empire over decades.
    They played the long game.
    Their chickens are coming how to roost in our hen-house…

  5. WOW!…He just might light off a rocket or two…twitter, twitter, twitter faster then lightning. No one you’ll see is faster then he….Blah, blah blah

  6. I think most of us have been completely aware of the fact that big tech is big brother. Many of us have resisted right from the word go. It’s possible it’s just my antisocial tendencies, but I have never had a social media account. Could be my general distrust of anything outside my control. I hope Musk destroys Twitter and all the deep state influences that have kept it alive. I know, it’s unlikely, but that is what I would like to see.

  7. All true joe6 but I personally felt that we had a shot at some semblance of fairness, thinking the odds were only stacked 60/40 against.
    I had no idea it was 95/5

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  9. Many former Tweeters—probably most of the deep state—are migrating to Mastodon:

    “Like Twitter, Mastodon allows users to post, follow people and organizations, and like and repost others’ posts…But while Mastodon supports many of the same social networking features as Twitter, it is not a single platform. Instead, it’s a federation of independently operated, interconnected servers. Mastodon servers are based on open-source software developed by German nonprofit Mastodon gGmbH. The interconnected Mastodon servers, along with other servers that can “talk” to Mastodon servers, are collectively dubbed the “fediverse.”


    Personally, I don’t use social media. But if I did, it wouldn’t be some “fediverse” named after an extinct elephant (get it?). It’s almost like they’re openly advertising who they really are.

  10. When the SHTF, all those kids who didn’t learn to read and write cursive are going to rue the day when we have to go back to writing letters to grandma and friends instead of posting everything to social media apps. How will we express our emotions without emoticons?!

  11. I’m on my longest run of a Twitter account ever. It’s been months now. A year ago, I would’ve been suspended my first week. Once he made the offer and the courts put a stop to accounts manipulation, I got my right to speak my mind on Twitter back.

    The key thing about the assholes on the left is that being able to block or mute will never be enough because it’s never been that they want to avoid seeing opinions they don’t like. They want no one on Earth anywhere to see an opinion the left doesn’t like ever again.


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