Epstein-Linked Bill Clinton Fixer Was Found Hanging from Tree with Gunshot Wound to Chest – IOTW Report

Epstein-Linked Bill Clinton Fixer Was Found Hanging from Tree with Gunshot Wound to Chest

SlayNews: An investigation has been reopened after gruesome details emerged regarding the mysterious death of Bill Clinton’s special advisor from Little Rock, Arkansas, who was found dead last month.

Mark Middleton, Clinton’s “fixer” who arranged secret meetings between the former president and child sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein, died suddenly at the age of 59 in early May.

As Slay News reported at the time, the police and Middleton’s family refused to reveal any details of his sudden death.

“The Middleton family has lost an inspiring and dedicated leader, as well as a son, brother, husband, and father,” a Facebook post announcing his death said.

“Mark leaves behind a company that he helped build from the ground up alongside his family and was proud to run for the last 25 years.”

However, a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request has now revealed that Middleton was found hanging from a tree with a gunshot blast to his chest. more

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  1. Active investigation opened on an open and shut suicide ruling. Interesting, they probably did it so the pictures wouldn’t get out. Now slow walk everything until interest dies down and we can get back to business as usual. As someone above said why oh why couldn’t it be a Clinton?

  2. That may have been okay last year, but now there’s an anti-lynching law on the books.
    And it’s about time. Just think how many people died because that law wasn’t there. Or something.

  3. joe6pak
    JUNE 6, 2022 AT 9:52 PM
    “Was the shotgun found nearby? If not I would question the suicide call.”

    …they probably left a .22 insted, just so’s the Clintons could once again prove there’s nothing too obvious for the Feds to completely clear them of, so you understand that laws do not apply to them and they can kill you any time they please…

  4. How many more Arkancides are going to happen while slick and hellary are still alive? And then there’s always Chelsea after they croak. The Clintons are truly evil, man may never convict them, but God certainly will, and it won’t be pretty.

  5. Apparently he quickly found out he couldn’t fix everything.

    It’s always the last thing you try to fix that fixes you.

    This gives new meaning to the phrase ‘Shade Tree Mechanic’.

  6. Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy … well there are a couple of nicer guys …
    Keep in mind that the “investigators” are probably “investigating” themselves.

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  7. “ The stunning turn of events comes after a series of explosive RadarOnline.com stories questioning the suicide death of Clinton moneyman, Mark Middleton, who was found May 7 hanging from a tree with a shotgun blast through his chest and an extension cord around his neck.”

    You really have to admire his determination to commit suicide!

    Which attempt at self destruction came first? The extension cord, the gun shot to the chest, or the hanging himself from a tree?

    I presume that the local law enforcement was pushed aside by the FBI, CIA, NSI, and Secret Service, so the act could be buried and obfuscated properly, while they gathered NON DISCLOSURE STATEMENTS under threat of clintoncide.

    Yep! Clintoncide.

  8. Not to think morbidly , but , it could be doable , if a person thinks about it , a vice , piece of string , knock a chair out from under yourself , maybe he Maguyver’d the deal . Need crime scene pics . more likely Arkancide.

  9. You are all wrong, he first tried erotic axphixiation with the extension cord, then when he got his erection pulled the trigger to the shotgun and fell off the box under the tree where the extension cord was tied. Another perverted sex act that resulted in self inflicted gunshot wound and accidental fall thereby hanging himself, should have been reported death by covid as he had blood clots in the parts of his heart and lungs they could scrape up. Was trying to warn G Maxwell of consequences should she decide to talk as there was a signed letter in his pocket. My guess is Mossad was on the way to talk to him when it happened. GoPro was found set up and filming it but has yet to be published by CNN/MSNBC.


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