ESPN’s Sage Steele was taken to a hospital after being hit by a 181mph golf ball at PGA Championship – IOTW Report

ESPN’s Sage Steele was taken to a hospital after being hit by a 181mph golf ball at PGA Championship

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Update: ESPN’s Sage Steele after getting hit in the face by a Jon Rahm drive: ‘I hope to recover quickly’

Golfweek:ESPN anchor/reporter Sage Steele had finished recording a segment  Friday from the PGA Championship when she decided to pop onto the course and catch the group that included Jon Rahm, Collin Morikawa and Scottie Scheffler.

Unfortunately, Steele picked an inopportune place along the fairway and Rahm hooked a drive during the second round at Southern Hills Country Club. The Spaniard frantically waved to alert fans the ball was coming, but Steele wasn’t able to heed the warning in time and was struck between her nose and mouth.

Steele was taken to St. Francis Hospital in Tulsa after a gruesome scene in which she was seen with her face covered in blood. The anchor, who has been with ESPN since 2007, left the hospital and flew home to be with her family.

Steele wasn’t the only high-profile person who was hit on Friday.

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  1. I worked as a groundsman at Congressional Country Club during the Kemper open many years ago. I was sitting on the fender of a tractor that was mowing fairways the evening before the tournament. My job was to to move the spectator border ropes for the tractor driver as we moved from fairway to fairway. We were parked just short of a green, waiting for a practicing tournament player to finish his putt before we approached the green to finish mowing that end of the fairway. Suddenly, I hear someone yell “fore!”. The tractor driver dove off the tractor and I heard and felt the ball strike the fender between my legs, leaving a massive dent. Some dumbass player drove off the tee while we were on the fairway. It’s not like some tractor and mower were not obviously sitting on the fairway as you put your ball on the tee?
    Years prior a woman was killed while standing outside the pro shop by a errant drive.

  2. “Drilled him on the fly in the head…”

    I’m trying to picture that. Unsuccessfully. Was there a ricochet? Or was there some monkeypoxing going on in the bushes? Hope there’s no ulcerated lesion.

  3. I think getting hit by a golf ball probably hurts like heck. Years ago I was golfing with a buddy of mine and he teed off and sliced the ball into the adjoining fairway. Those golfers were coming from the opposite direction, riding in a cart and my buddy drilled the guy right in the ankle on the fly. I think that poor guy was crying. Anyway, he was done golfing for the day.

  4. Feeling sympathy for her. No doubt lost teeth and mangled her lips.

    Hoping for her speedy recovery.

    Now had it been Stacy Abrams it’d shoot between those two front teeth and down her gullet.

  5. Funny, but the year before Chicago banned “assault” rifles, more people were killed with golf clubs than with “assault” rifles!
    You could look it up!

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

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