‘EU Disapproves’: Brussels Angry Trump Acted on Coronavirus Without Their Permission

Screw them.

The EU’s response to Wuhan Virus is a case history of of what not to do. Oh, and we don’t answer to those open border clowns.

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  1. EU Disapproves? No, EU is jealous.
    Being shown, again, how to lead effectively by the person they love to hate. It must just eat at them. hahahaha!

  2. They’ll likely take their anger out on the children they’ve been buggering. Destroy the EU and its pedo leaders in brussels.

  3. Since when do we take orders from the friggin Europeans. It seems that they are the problem and not us. We saved your ass twice in the past century, now leave us alone, we can handle this ourselves and don’t need their meddling help. Which comes back to the joke, Why do they feel sophisticated when they go to the bathroom? Because yur a peein. Piss on them we don’t want or need their help.

  4. The whole purpose of establishing the EU in the first place was “ANTI global solidarity”. Who are they kidding! It was all about sticking a thumb in the eye socket of the west.

  5. Gorbachev marveled at the idea of the Western Europeans voting themselves into a Soviet Union after the collapse of the original and the exposure of all it’s failures.

  6. This is another Deep State full court press, for sure. Our Estab friends at Forbes are doing their part:

    “Italy Banned Flights From China First, It Didn’t Work”


    Italy has been lousy with Chinese nationals for years. They’ve had Chinese police on joint patrol with Italian police since 2016. Apples and Oranges, Forbes.

    And here we go with the “bombshell” shit again:

    “Trump Officials Slam Bombshell Report Saying Classified Coronavirus Meetings Slowed Crisis Response”


    In a few months, hopefully after this Deep State disease attack fails, the carefully-timed sequence of events will be made obvious to all by our good investigative reporters.

    But make no mistake: From the delay on delivery of the impeachment to the Senate, to Rod Rosenstein’s sister at CDC spreading panic, to Dr. William Walters at the State Dept. allowing sick cruise ship passengers ashore against Trump’s wishes, we are being gaslit once again.

    Pray for our nation and for President Trump.

  7. EU my ass!

    Look at what a great job that pooling of resources has done to help Italy deal with this quarantine.

    I bet there are going to be 16 Million pissed off Italians that are going to vote differently next time around.

  8. This the EU that allowed the muslim invasion of Europe we’re talking about?
    Not exactly on top of things there, are they?

  9. The proverbial cat is let out of the bag – “A leading figure in the European Parliament, Dacian Cioloş, complained that President Trump was treating Europe as a “scapegoat” and said what is needed is not “nationalism”, but “global solidarity”.”
    I’ll take this as evidence for my theory that this is “never letting a good crisis go to waste” by the global elite at trying to undermine and neutralize the nationalist movements in each country. Shut down everything so that they can then take more control and power unto themselves.
    RELEASE THE KRAKEN! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=38AYeNGjqg0

  10. Funny thing is; that whole European Union idea had its antecedents in Caesar, Charlemagne, Louis XIV, Napoleon, Hitler, and Stalin!

    It’s like a continental brothel of old, tired, diseased whores – all of em looking like a cross between Nancy Pelosi, HRC, and Ruth Ginsberg in Bradley Manning’s makeup smoking non-filtered Camels while swilling bad gin lifting a leg once in a while to flutter out a tobacco-stained fart.


    izlamo delenda est …

  11. The EU is kinda like the US in this respect: if Rhode Island enacted a total travel ban to China but the other 49 States (or 56, if you’re Barry Obongo)chose not to, Chinese could simply fly to another State and enter Rhode Island from there. Would the ban be effective in that case? Probably as effective as what Italy is now going through.
    As someone who goes to Italy once a year (and in fact, my trip which had been scheduled for next week is now rebooked for mid-May), I can say that the Chinese have invaded the country and own a lot of small businesses in the town that I go to when I visit my relatives. So it’s not a matter of Italy halting Chinese tourism (which is huge), but halting people from returning to their homes in their adopted country. And if Brussels doesn’t want to halt the invasion of foreigners, how effective can one member nation be?

  12. “Global Solidarity” to most of the world means “Blame it on the US”.
    Unless, of course, it means “Save us Mr. Wizard!!!”

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