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Even Avenatti says there’s no case against Trump

Don Surber:
Today is supposed to be I-Day — indictment day — in New York City. For the 7th consecutive year, the loony left is predicting the imminent indictment and arrest of President Trump. The walls are closing in! Comey-Mueller-NYC DA have him right where they want him. He will be frog-marched and perp-walked.

Just like Karl Rove.

Just like Dick Cheney.

The charge is he paid off Stormy Daniels, a hooker — or as the media now calls them, an adult entertainment actress — who claimed she had sex with him. The case has bounced around in civil court where a judge ruled that her lawsuit was so frivolous that the whore would have to pay him!

As for this I-Day, Republicans know the drill and frankly, the dog-and-pony shows have become boring.

Her lawyer, Michael Avenatti, is a man of his convictions — of which there are three and he will spend the next 20 years in federal prison for being a crook. If only his name were Biden, he would be a free man. His lawyer has demanded that the IRS inspector general look into President Trump for targeting him. MORE

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