Everybody Hates Elon Musk

Daily Caller: Wall Street Insiders Lob A Warning Shot At Musk For Snubbing Analysts.

Analysts are warning tech entrepreneur Elon Musk Wall Street will only take his antics and unwillingness to answer questions so long before insiders and investors eventually jump off the Tesla bandwagon.

Wall Street is getting weary of Musk’s chronic inability to explain how his company plans on turning a profit, a pair of analysts told The Daily Caller News Foundation. Their warnings come after the Tesla CEO trolled a slew of analysts during a May 3 earnings call in which he ignored questions about the company’s beleaguered financial situation.

“It doesn’t destroy his brand. But it does defeat levels of trust with investors,” Eric Schiffer, CEO of private equity firm The Patriarch Organization, told TheDCNF. Investors need to be reassured Musk’s electric vehicle company has a plan to rake in profits sometime before the end of the 21st century, he added. read more

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  1. The chickens are soon coming home to roost. Musk will find out Wall St doesn’t like his antics

  2. I recognized this guy’s shtick early on. He is an amalgamation of con artist and crony capitalist.

  3. In order to save Tesla, I’m sure Musk is behind the stupid Kalifornia law to ban internal combustion engines.

    It’s really Tesla’s only hope at this point. I just don’t see that big of a market for an overly expensive smart car that kills it’s drivers when on “auto-pilot”.

    However, since rich Kali-Komrade progs are mostly buying these things, that might be one of its best features.

  4. Bust his BS bubble.
    Stop subsidizing lithium mining. It’s a leftist-endorsed ecological rape of the planet.

  5. His financial outlook took a hit in November 2016 when Felonia failed to break through the Plexiglas ceiling and be there to make sure his businesses continued to be able to sup off the public tit.

  6. “chronic inability to explain how his company plans on turning a profit”

    oh sure, turn on musk now that obama isn’t still in office propping up the greenies !

  7. The technology just ain’t here
    yet folks for this ‘free’ energy
    stuff batteries,solar & wind only
    work if the tax payers prop them up…

  8. “”Eric Schiffer, CEO of private equity firm The Patriarch Organization””


  9. How does Musk turn a profit when he loses money on every car and so far has only made it up through trading carbon credits?


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