Everything’s Free In The Clown Show

Silicon Graybeard:

Author Gary Doan at the Libertarian Republic watched the Democratic Clown Posse debates so that you don’t have to.  Why?  To keep a running tally of all the things they’re promising to give away.

The Democratic primary has become an election for High School President, where everyone is promising vending machines in the cafeteria and larger towels in the locker-rooms. There are so many proposed “free” programs that it may be difficult to keep track without someone compiling them.

And this was just for the first night – Wednesday!  One or more of them promised all of the following as free stuff.  

*Alternate Energy
*Sick Days
*Doubling the EIC
*Family Leave
*Certain Lending
*Foreign Aid
*Mental Health Counseling


12 Comments on Everything’s Free In The Clown Show

  1. Free abortion is actually quite inexpensive! Just issue every woman a ‘coat hanger do it yourself kit’!

  2. Nobody promised to take away all the guns, so we are safer?
    Works so well in Chicago. 244 killed this year. Detroit 261 murders.
    Short version, “Burn down capitalism, so we can have socialism”.
    Is there really enough dumb asses out there to elect one of these clowns?

  3. Is it time to start assigning names to the candidates? Or is it too big a task and it’s best to wait until the nonstarters wither on the vine?

    Komrade Kamala
    No Go Joe
    Master Beto

  4. Bernie the Bummer sounds like Minnie the Moocher.
    Which he is.
    🎶 Hidey hidey hidey High. Hoe dee hoe dee hoe dee hoe.

    Bernie is both High and a ho.

  5. Too many people don’t understand that the government that provides you with everything can also confiscate what it provides.

  6. …everything would be free, all right.

    Except the citizens of the United States.

    WE will be slaves of our own Govenment.

    …I’m sure our masters will instruct our overseers to give us all we need, though, right?

    …just like Democrats did for their human property on the plantation before the First Civil War.

    …some things never change…

  7. Young fools suckered into falling for promises of free shit are going to be very bitter when they realize they’re stuck with the bills and all the old fools who voted for free shit have died off.

  8. …someone once said that you can vote yourself INTO socialism, but you always have to shoot your way OUT.

    …and eventually, you’re going to HAVE to.

    …Should be carved on the lintel of EVERY American polling place…


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