Facebook to Change Name amid Multiple Mounting Scandals

Neon Nettle –

Big Tech giant Facebook is planning to change its name from next week in an apparent effort to shake off multiple mounting scandals, according to reports.

The Silicon Valley company’s original social media site – Facebook – will likely keep its moniker.

However, Facebook Inc., the parent company which also owns Whatsapp and Instagram, will rebrand.   

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg plans to reveal his company’s new name at its annual Connect conference on October 28, but it could be unveiled sooner, the Verge reported.

The change would likely position Facebook’s social media platform as one of many products under a parent company.

It will also help distance the firm’s flagship social media brand from future bad publicity, with recent testimony from former employee Frances Haugen managing to contaminate the reputations of Facebook and Instagram. more

36 Comments on Facebook to Change Name amid Multiple Mounting Scandals

  1. As if they already aren’t hated enough most rebranding campaigns backfire and piss people off. Like New Coke or Gap’s debacle.

  2. Shit is still shit, is shit. Call it by any other name you want and guess what?!?
    It’s still shit.

    Facebook is shit.

  3. “planning to change its name from next week”

    I thought it’s name was “Facebook”, not “Next Week”…

  4. They should be kicked into “Next Week”!
    These are the same people who would lop a zero off the currancy and think it’s an improvement!

  5. “A turd by any other name would still smell like shit!”
    (apologies to Shakespeare)

    izlamo delenda est …

  6. The best thing is to call it Over! Or if someone asks me if I have Facebook I say for what? The person tells all the great things they can do. My response is always, for what? My way of “who’s on first?” that I find amuses me. Telemarketers hated me to but I’ve figured out how to get them to dissappear.

  7. I’m in FB jail right now for thirty days. I’ve got two more weeks before I break out. I’ll be going right back into the slammer because I’m going to continue to let commie rat bastards know what I think of them. Screw FB!

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