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Facebook usage in Britain plummets

Geller Report:

The number of online interactions made on Facebook’s mobile app in Britain plummeted by 38% between June 2018 and June 2019, according to the analytics firm Mixpanel. Interactions, which occur when users click on a web link or advert inside the Facebook app, declined in seven of the last 12 months, with an average monthly fall of 2.6%. more

4 Comments on Facebook usage in Britain plummets

  1. 🔷 Why people willingly give their personal information in a sort of quasi-FBI file is beyond comprehension. 🔷

    🔷 It’s an IGNORE and JEALOUSY app. People ignore your pictures and comments, and then post things that make them look like they are having tons of fun without your ass.

    🔷 Stop looking, it’s superficial garbage, go be productive instead of watching other people having a life.

  2. The social media sites are so popular because people are under the illusion that everybody else gives a shit what they think.
    It’s beginning to look like those users are realizing they’ve been had.
    Hopefully anyway.

  3. Maybe they’ve figured out that using social media is nothing but self-doxxing when you get down to it. Britain has aggressively led the way in criminalizing and policing of speech online. I don’t know why any Briton would choose to dwell in Fascebook. It’s one thing to be banned from Fascebook. It’s quite another to be dragged out your front door in cuffs.

  4. The Brit thought police run people down for a
    joke and jail them. What idiot gives them an
    easy public target once the threat is that obvious?
    I expect to see it go back to grafitti and printed
    flyers passed out annonymously or glued to walls
    and poles. Will bootleg RFE radio make a comeback?
    Sometimes the old French “Maquis” ways work best.


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