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Fake? Fake! Fake.

Thread: Online misinformation is rampant following the escalation of violence between Israel and Hamas today.

This video of a tower block in Gaza being hit by a missile is from May 2021, not today. It was captured live during a BBC Arabic broadcast at the time.

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  1. There’s plenty of this going on – especially with the earthquakes. They’re showing videos of the Turkey earthquake that happened a few months back, yet they’re showing videos of the recent Afgan earthquake but it’s actually footage of Turkey. I’m always suspicious of video footage and photos to garner sympathy or shock.

  2. In my mens’ group this morning there was a little discussion of this. One thought was whether this was a ‘FDR knew about Pearl Harbor’ thing (not that I think that is true), whether Mossad/IDF knew about and allowed what turned out to be a fairly comprehensive operation that clearly required a lot of preparation.
    One of the guys said that a few months ago he said that he expected something to happen soon – because Israel has gotten so ‘progressive’, turning away from God in many ways. Something to ponder.

  3. Mossad and IDF probably suspected something – but that’s a far cry from knowing and allowing it to happen. Which is still far less a crime than, as the FBI did, instigate, populate (with agents and paid stooges), and execute the J6 bullshit with malice aforethought.

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  4. FDR knew about Pearl Harbor in advance (and frankly had been provoking Japan since early 1941), the Gulf of Tonkin incident NEVER happened the way they claim, and Bush/Cheney/CIA/Mossad were behind 9-11 (that’s the very short list of a massive number of false flags). This is just another act in the never-ending theater that the elites play on the world stage with human lives in order to achieve their twisted goals of profits and power.

  5. I knew someone who had been a big city police officer. His department was being investigated by the Feds for corruption. He was asked by an FBI agent if he knew anyone involved in criminal activity that he hadn’t arrested. He answered “Yes.”

    “Why haven’t you arrested him?”

    “Because, as you know, knowing it and proving it are two different things.”

  6. Everything I’ve learned about Islam makes me despise as an ideology, philosophy, religion, governmental policy, etc. To this very day, it is guilty of everything anyone has accused the Christians of, even the things for which Christianity is not guilty.

  7. AJ
    In his autobiography a man who’d been a liberal reporter 90 years ago; and was stil a liberal when he was a manager at BBC – learned that the hard way.

    He asked to review some “news” he had written praising the leftist Audi in the ’30’s. BBC said we never “praised” the leftist NAZI. He said to himself, ” they are “memory holing” how they felt about leftists 15 years ago! I know I praised Audi and I have carbon copies of 2 such “news” articles we put out in 1936!”
    So he spent his free time the next 2 years writing a book about how “corporate press’ fakes “news” to manipulate the masses. Book named after year of publication.


    I liked ANIMAL FARM; disliked 1984 Churchill (protagonist – George believer GWB/Atlee would rue forever. He was proved wrong when the real Winne was elected PM third time!) capitulates. So I read George’s auto about 45 years ago.

    Very informative!

    He was glad he’d been wrong about GWB/Atlee not being dethroned! I wish America’s GWB were “dethroned”. Think he’s out? Ask Paxton, the conservatives in our Gulag aka “J6”, DJT!


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