Fake moderate Virginia Democrat Abigail Spanberger feels the heat from fed up, impeachment-weary constituents

American Thinker:

The first signs of trouble ahead for newly elected so-called moderate representatives in swing districts are being felt here in Virginia’s 7th District.

Rep. Abigail Spanberger hopped on the moderate train in 2018, touting her CIA background ad nauseam to the people of the traditionally Republican 7th District.  With the help of millions of dollars from pro-abortion PACs and Soros-funded outfits, volunteers from Northern Virginia spread out over the western and southwestern suburbs of Richmond to give her a slim margin of victory over Republican Dave Brat.  But Spanberger’s cover as an across-the-aisle moderate is not holding up well under the pressure of an impeachment hoax and a newly elected majority-Democrat Legislature.

Up until this past weekend, Spanberger’s numerous town halls have been generally peaceful Q&As.  That all changed during Sunday’s gathering at a middle school gym in Spotsylvania County.

The Virginia General Assembly’s push for more radical gun control policies coupled with Spanberger’s “yes” vote for the impeachment inquiry after she promised to vote “no” came to a head on Sunday.  If many of her constituents weren’t paying attention to Spanberger’s flip-flop before the hearings began last week, they are now.

The mask is slipping, and the lady is no moderate.  In one exchange with a member of the audience, Spanberger, the CIA officer, apparently didn’t understand that here in the United States we are innocent until proven guilty.

“No one has dispelled or attempted to dispel or provide evidence that would exonerate the president,” she said.

“Did you really say that?  You have to prove you’re innocent?” someone else responded. read more

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  1. “I would remind you that extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice! And let me remind you also that moderation in the pursuit of justice is no virtue!”

  2. Abigail Spanberger = Soros Quisling

    I expected better from the Old Dominion … but I’ve been disappointed since Doug Gilmore & the Warner twins

  3. @Barry Goldwater:

    Your Virginia military school education is evident in your post.

    Here’s hoping enough public school citizens of the Commonwealth get the urgency of our precarious political situation…

  4. “across-the-aisle moderate”

    There is no such thing as a “moderate” democrat. When it comes time to vote, they all vote the WAY THEY ARE TOLD. That should scare everyone.

    And they accuse US of being Fascist…

  5. Abigail Spanberger… She has that typical Liberal Airhead look about her.
    The citizenry just said: “We’re not eating any more of yer Spambergers lady!”
    (Whuts a Spamberger? It’s a Crap Sandwich!!)
    Want to ride the fence? Here’s a rail! Hop on and ride it outta town bitch!
    DemocRATz keep pushing the envelope and are finding the limits. Just wait ’till next year!

  6. What witness confirmed that Trump did anything wrong? The only ones who had first hand knowledge had to admit that he did NOT do anything wrong. All the others did was sing an REO song.

  7. Look upon Virginia and despair. Our folks have elected democrats, but with the active assistance of the republican party. Something like 25% of our districts had no Republicans running in the last election. The GOP has intentionally sold us out. The plan is to always keep the balance close to 50-50 so the republicans never have to truly deliver on the expectations of the voters.

    This is what the country will get if the left ever again gains both houses and the executive at the national level

    But imagine

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