Families of Victims of Communist Albania Call for ‘Decommunization’

Epoch Times -> TIRANA, Albania—The lives of Arta Lleshi and her family were marked by tragedy in 1954, decades before she was born. That year, her grandfather, Nuri Plaka, was killed in the mountains of Albania along with his fellow group of U.S.-backed Albanian dissidents who were trying to overthrow the communist regime.

Her grandmother and father were taken to camps surrounded by barbed wire fencing, and were labeled “enemies of the people” throughout their lives in communist Albania. Lleshi said she grew up and lived with a constant feeling of fear until the collapse of communism in Albania in 1991.

Today, Lleshi and those who share a past similar to her aren’t afraid of persecution by the state anymore. However, she and others like her are disappointed that no proper decommunization process took place in the country, as was the case in Germany, where the country underwent a denazification process after the fall of Hitler’s regime. As a result, in today’s Albania, communist symbols can be waved and displayed freely without any consequence.

Although the Albanian communist system under the dictator Enver Hoxha and his successors was deemed as one of the harshest in Eastern Europe, the country is one of the few from the bloc to fail to impose a ban on the display of communist symbols. Several initiatives to do so over the years have been unsuccessful.  more here

5 Comments on Families of Victims of Communist Albania Call for ‘Decommunization’

  1. The Albanian flag is perhaps the evilest looking flag in the world, although it’s interesting. It evokes fierceness and bloody Balkan battles.

    I like their former king, King Zog. That’s one cool name for a king.

  2. Oh there is nothing wrong with socialism, Bernie and Alexandria would tell us; it was just implemented by the wrong people. American socialism will be much better because they are better people!

  3. There is no ‘communism.’ It’s just corrupt totalitarianism under another label: the elites looting, the rest impoverished, and millions murdered.


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