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Family of CIA 

I knew 0bama’s family were operators, but I didn’t realize how psycho his mother was…

The CIA loves legacy and believes in family for recruitment. How and why do so many offspring and relatives of the members of the intelligence community end up in show business, sports, the political world and the arts? What are they doing? What is their agenda?
— Family of CIA – CIA Series Pt 3.

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  1. The number of these traitors that all attended Columbia University is amazing. There’s a couple peeps out there making a strong case that we are in the final stages of Cloward-Piven.

  2. Thoughts of attendees:

    Bill: “You can have her, George.”

    Hillary: “I can tell you, but then I’d have to kill you.”

    Barry: “I I I love power.”

    George: “I was an alcoholic, C-student. Look at me now!”

    Laura: “I was told I HAD to smile.”

    HW: “They have no clue.”

    Big Mike: “Do they know? I’m the biggest one here!”

  3. It is as if the CIA has become a sordid mix of Scientology, Freemasonry and the KGB. On the one hand, they now seem to want to make themselves known as domestic cultural influencers, and they allow various news readers, entertainers and hipster billionaires to brag about their CIA background. On the other hand, they want to skulk around the globe in secret, doling out money, weapons and regime change.

    Their effectiveness, such as it was, has suffered from mission creep. Maybe at one time they were very selective and specific in their hiring, but nowadays they seem to favor dilettante mediocrities and mindless ideologues who have no clue about spycraft. I reckon HR has ruined yet another organization, but maybe HR just finished the job that nepotism started. And maybe the whole damned midwit deep state is on the same path. One can only hope.

  4. ^ Excellent summary – and speculation. Their “cultural” slant seems to evolve (morph?) from generation to generation. Today, they seem to be a bunch of self-contradicting, misguided, Millennial-like assholes.


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