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Family sues country club, wins nearly $5 million after too many golf balls damaged their house

MSN: The headline to a Boston Globe story this week was an attention-grabber: “Family terrorized by golf balls wins nearly $5 million from neighboring country club.”

My initial reaction was that of John McEnroe to a chair umpire when he got a ruling he disagreed with: “You cannot be serious!”

A family with three daughters, ages 2 to 5, sued Indian Pond Country Club in Kingston, Massachusetts, “for trespass over the continual bombardment — and won a permanent injunction against golf balls on their property.”

A jury awarded the Tenczars $3.5 million for damages and mental and emotional suffering. The Globe story noted that court records indicate that with interest the award totals $4.9 million. more

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  1. I went golfing with a buddy of mine last year, it’s a course with lots of homes on it. On the first tee he hits into the row of homes but we couldn’t tell if he hit one or not. He hit another one and wasn’t even going to look for his first ball. Turns out there was a nice old lady in her bathrobe waiting for us and she called out and asked, “is this one of yours?” Turns out he put it through the window over her sink and she was doing dishes at the time. He’s kind of a hot head sometimes so it took him a couple holes to regain his composure. The next day he was there fixing her window.

  2. SMH. Complaining about golf balls hitting the house you bought next to the golf course is like complaining about airplane noise over the house you bought off the end of the runway.

    Or the smell at your house downwind of the pig farm county Democrat Party HQ.

  3. In our town people built houses next to a 75 yr old gun range then tried to get it closed. One guy even shot his own house claiming it was from the range.
    Others built next to a composting plant and got it closed.
    People are jerks who do this kind of thing.

  4. A few years ago a big shot plumbing company owner that lives near me sued a golfer that put a ball through his window. The judge told the bigshot that he built the house next to a golf course and awarded him zilch. Man, he was pissed.

  5. Caught a golf ball to the windshield one day on the highway, even saw the golfer make his swing.

    By the time I could have driven to the course he and his cohorts would have been at their late evening dinner reservation.

    Super glad my insurance paid for it without hassle.

  6. Just outside Olympia there’s a mushroom farm, been there for decades. Initially it was quite rural, eventually neighborhoods came in, stores, playgrounds, and they all complain about the smell. What the hell do people think?

  7. @Beachmom, the gun range where I go has been under attack by the jackasses who moved into their expensive homes only to discover the range that has been operating since 1955…makes noises! 🙄 The people complaining are most likely the Silicon Valley gun hating libtards.

  8. That jury needs to be euthanized! Who the F**k would buy a house on a golf course and then complain about golf balls? I remember a case in central Calif. where a person bought a house that backed up to a railroad line NEAR A CROSSING! This wasn’t just any person but a real estate broker that was involved in THAT development! He had the balls to complain about the noise and even write an article in the local paper where he got eviscerated by the readers of the paper that were smarter than he!

  9. It’s worse than what’s being described here. If this were a “Master Planned Golf Community”, the course, the placement of the homes, was all pre designed. I use to belong to just such a club. Expensive enough the senior tour use to show up there once a year. The third hole was essentially a dog leg right. With a home straight the fuck off the tee box out about 250. I normally hit a fade. OK a hook. But one time on that hole I gave it the might spank whitey swing and, and, pushed it. That ball stuck in the stucco on the second story, inches away from a window. I’m playing with my wife and a couple. He says, “stupid place to put a house”. I’m like, I guess I’ll take a drop. LOL. By tye time we get even with the house the home owners on the fence line. On crutches with a cast on his right leg. He yells at me, come over here, I yell back fuck you. H e says with as much swagger as he could muster, why won’t you come over here. He’s a little guy, I’m not. So I yeled back because your going to say something stupid and both your legs will be in a cast. What kind of idiot would buy this house? Where’s the Tee Box Facing, Go back inside.
    By that time a Marshal had shown up and told the guy if you have a complaint lodge it at the club house. And gave him the phone number. We sold our membership shortly after. To many pretentious ass holes. George W showed up there one time for a stump. They wouldn’t let his helo land on the course. He ended up landing at a near by school.

  10. I knew a guy who lived close enough to a golf course to get a few balls in his yard just about every day. He said he didn’t mind except when golfers picked up multiple balls.

  11. I can’t count the number of times I’ve seen golf balls from the course next door to my grocery store sail over the gigantic netted fence and hit cars in the parking lot. We regular shoppers know not to park on the southern side of the lot during the golfing season, which, admittedly isn’t that long here in Central New York.


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