‘Fatberg’ is blocking a London sewer


A huge disgusting blob of fat called “fatberg” blocking a 250 meter stretch of London’s sewer network could go on display at the Museum of London.

The museum contacted Thames Water about getting its hands on a chunk of wet wipes, napkins, fat, and oil following its discovery in a Victorian-era sewer in Whitechapel, east London.

Engineers are using shovels and high-powered jets to get the fatberg out. The blob was found earlier this month, and it’s one of the largest ever discovered in London’s sewer network.

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SNIP: Blob seen on video:




9 Comments on ‘Fatberg’ is blocking a London sewer

  1. Send in some musloid refugees to clean it out. It would probably be the only worthwhile event conducted in their miserable pathetic ideological lives.

  2. Michael Moore visited London, while there he experienced some intestinal upset. Doctors administered a high colonic, and the resulting explosion caused city wide disruption of the water system infrastructure. Mr. Moore was deported and asked not to return.

  3. As regards to how it got this way, it’s another example of how common sense is not so common.

    The youngest daughter of my last girlfriend is super liberal and suffers from the Dunning-Kruger effect. She refers to herself as “science girl” and considers 99% of the rest of the world stupid.

    First thing Science girl did when I started dating her mom, is she poured her turtle’s aquarium down the disposal drain, during a move, and wondered what was wrong with the disposal that it got all jammed up and broken when those pretty little colored stones started getting ground up.

  4. My father owned a company that contracted maintenance on water and sewer departments.
    Brother dropped out of school and as a result was viewed by employers as unemployable in anything other than min wage jobs.
    He worked for my father up until my fathers death and then for the company that bought the business. No, he couldn’t run the business, school dropout, couldn’t pass the license exams.
    Part of the job was going down in sewers and cleaning them out, huge fat plugs.
    Dad paid him well and a truck to be on call 24/7 for emergencies. Fire plugs broken off by cars, water tower aviation lights out, sewer plugs consisting of fat, rubbers, diapers, Kotex, TP, nylons and shit.
    Funny enough, the plugs only built up in certain neighbourhoods.
    Stay in school kids.


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