Father Taken Into Custody After Shooting, Killing Teen Gunman Who Shot His 15-Year-Old Son In The Face During Robbery

Concealed Nation:

DETROIT, MICHIGAN — A father and son were near the 2400 block of Honorah in Detroit for an apparent meeting with a 15-year-old to sell a video game. The 15-year-old that they met produced a firearm to initiate a robbery.

At some point, the 15-year-old shot the son in the face. The father witnessed the shooting, and in turn drew his firearm and shot the 15-year-old dead.

Holly Lance, an officer and spokesperson with the Detroit Police Department, tells the News that the father then shot the suspect after witnessing the ordeal. The suspect was pronounced dead at the scene, and WWJ-950 reports Friday that the 15-year-old was last listed in critical condition at a medical facility.

There may be more to the story here, as the father was said to have been taken into custody after the shooting. read more

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  1. “and in turn drew his firearm and shot the 15-year-old dead.”

    If it went down the way the story reads, I’m fine with it. Even though 1 is dead and the son clinging to life, the father kind of suspected something like this would go down. At least his son didn’t arrive at the sale by himself – which could have been worse yet. One less breeder walking the streets and robbing whoever whatever.

  2. Clearly more to the story than what is presented. Many big cities (those run by progressives that have stringent gun control laws) have policies where the cops are required to bring in anyone involved in a gun crime, regardless of fact, for further questioning. If he was not hauled away in hand cuffs but just asked to come to the station then he was not “in custody”.

    Also, don’t be so sure that the dad will not ultimately be charged with murder. Depending on the race of the victim and the shooter, and the race of the DA who just might view this as a “window dressing” case to show the black community in Detroit that back lives really do matter, facts be damned. Too many times in the past rogue DA’s have put their agenda over that of Lady Justice.

  3. I wish I could be on that jury. Entrance wounds could be square in the back and I’d still vote “not guilty”.

    Shoot my child, in front of me? … prepare to die.

  4. Initial reaction was a white father, but the MSM would have
    changed the narrative to a guilty white guy shot an innocent Obama son just for being black. St. Trayvon the Innocent just turned his life around, started going back to church, and was searching out the best colleges. Although St. Trayvon’s kids both live a few blocks away, he hadn’t met them yet. Child number three is due in 10 days. Picture in the paper is from kindergarten graduation.

  5. Lets hope the father is released & the son recovers. This is why I don’t do Kijiji sales or purchases. When I’m done with something & give it to a charity or a friend. The $200 to $300 is not worth the trouble, fuel, or risk and going anywhere suspect with extra cash is worse.

  6. “I’m going to sell my video game, Dad.”
    “Hey – I’ll go with you. Let me just go get my gun.”

    Detroit sounds like a great place to live….


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